July 21st, 2009


Howard Hughes Watches the Rain

Not feeling very subtle this morning. Not feeling indirect. More like, just buy my damn book. Maybe the Bastard Fairies are a bad influence....

Nah. That's crazy talk.

A rainy day here in Providence. I'd hoped to get down to Beavertail this evening, to hear the waves against the rocks, but looks like that won't happen.

The Red Tree got its first film nibble yesterday. And now I'm waiting on a call from my film-rights agent at UTA. Over the years, I have learned Not To Get Excited when Hollywood looks my way. Still, it's nice to be noticed now and again.

Yesterday was...well...very busy and extremely chaotic. A frenzied day of work, eleven or so hours, until 10:30 p.m., but no actual writing was done. It was almost all promotional stuff for The Red Tree. The best part was getting more "evidence" ready for the website. It should go up this evening. The video clip was swapped out last night (thank you, scarletboi). I'm thinking clip four will be somewhat less oblique. Though I do love oblique. Anyway, that's what yesterday was like.

I begin to wonder if I've spread myself to thin, in my efforts to be sure this books sells. In the last couple months or so, I've expanded from LJ to Facebook and Twitter, and I'm updating regularly everywhere. Hell, yesterday, I even managed to make a post over at Amazon.com, my first since July 15th, 2006. Every single thing I can think to do, I've been doing. But...I think I've reached the end of my networking tether. No more new networks, please. Fortunately, I left my page at MySpace drifting like a derelict, so at least I don't have that to worry about. All of this has only served to make me even more certain I was meant to be a writer in the 1940s and 1950s, not the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. I watch other people seeming to revel in information overload, and I simply do not understand.

I did manage to read something from the June issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology yesterday, "A reassessment of the Pteraichnus ichnospecies from the Early Cretaceous of Soria Province, Spain." And I had a short nap before a dinner of cold chicken and avocado.

Last night, we watched Fernando Meirelles' Blindness (2008), with Julianne Moore. An sf thriller in which a Canadian city, and possibly the whole world, suddenly suffers a plague of blindness. The film stumbles a couple of times near the beginning, and there's an awful infodump at one point, but the film finds itself in the second hour or so, and, in the end, proves very effective. I liked it quite a lot. But Blindness is not really a film about a plague of blindness, of course, anymore than World War Z is, ultimately, a book about zombies. The blindness of the title is merely a catalyst, as it should be.

And I should go, before the phone rings. Do have a look at the website today, and I'll post something here when more artifacts are placed on display this evening. Feed the Tree.