April 30th, 2009


I Can't Think of a Subject Line...

Yesterday, the temperatures cooled down again, with a high somewhere around 60F, and my office was once more a bearable room to be in. Which made finishing "Untitled 34" much more pleasant (still needs a different title, I think). I wrote 1,306 words and found THE END. In some ways, it's one of the most peculiar pieces I've written for Sirenia Digest, drawing as it does from Lovecraft's "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," and yet also featuring a unicorn rape scene.

After writing, we read through Chapter Two of The Red Tree, the conclusion of which falls on page 97. We found a few annoying errors, most of them my own. Oh, and the production manager at Penguin promised me yesterday that the footnote problem in the "Editor's Preface" will be corrected, which is a relief. Reading it again, I do think this is my best novel to date. In some ways, I want to say that it's my first truly adult book (and that really has nothing much to do with the fact that it has sex scenes).

I spoke with an editor to whom I owe an sf story, and found out I might have a little wiggle room on the May 15th deadline. But hopefully I won't need it.

Today is Assembly Day, which comes once every month. The day when I sit down at actually assemble that month's issue of Sirenia Digest. It should go out to subscribers before midnight EDT.

My Facebook account has pretty much become another mirror for this blog, and a place to post my peculiar little "Top 5 Lists." I refuse to even try to wrap my brain around the concept of "micro-blogging." I predict that within a year (if it's not already happened), we see the emergence of "nano-blogging."

Platypus and dodo are whispering to one another. That can't be good.
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