April 23rd, 2009



So, I don't know what Spooky and I managed to contract. It certainly isn't the flu. It seems to effect the ears and throat, mostly. Whatever it is, we feel like ass, both of us. And I best be feeling better very soon, as warmer weather is on the way, and the trees are greening, and I have no intention of missing it by being sick. At least I slept last night, about eight and a half hours, so perhaps this bout of insomnia was bested by the bug.

However, sick or not, I managed yesterday, somehow, to write 1,074 words on "At the Gate of Deeper Slumber," which will appear in Sirenia Digest #41.

This is going to be a short entry. There's only so much sitting-up-and-typing energy to be had right now, and I have to conserve most of it for the short story.

My thanks to David Kirkpatrick, who sent me two volumes from a series of books on Early American architecture, New England by the Sea and Village Architecture of Early New England (both from 1987). These will be put to good use.

Someone asked, via my Facebook page, "Since you started me Tarot reading I thought I'd ask you. If I'm trying to learn is their a book you'd suggest?" To which I reply, there are about a million books on Tarot out there, but, if you can find it, my favorite is still Eden Gray's The Tarot Revealed. First published in 1960 (I think), I see it's still in print. The book works from the Rider-Waite deck, which happens to be my favorite, and which I also think is a good place for beginners to, well, begin.

Okay. I think that does it for me. I must resist the urge to go back to bed, where I probably belong right now. Oh, and just to demonstrate how utterly out of touch I appear to be with mainstream pop culture, I had no idea that American Idol was still on the air, much less that it was immensely popular, and apparently considered newsworthy. I will take this as ample evidence that ignorance is bliss.