March 30th, 2009


"Eziah fought, but was easily bested."

I have to admit, this (from imdb) brought a smile to my sleepy face:

"Ad Agency Says It Wasn't To Blame For SyFy Rebranding

27 March 2009 2:37 AM, PDT

With the Sci-Fi Channel being lampooned for its decision to change its name to SyFy -- a slew of syphilis jokes have arisen over the rebranding -- the advertising agency representing the channel took the extraordinary step Thursday of distancing itself from the name-change call. Ken Runkel, executive director of Landor Associates, the branding firm hired by Sci Fi, told today's (Friday) New York Post, 'Yes, we worked with the Sci-fi Channel, and it hired us to consult on the project. However, SyFy was a name generated internally and pretested at the channel before our involvement.'"


Yesterday, I began a new vignette for Sirenia Digest #40, "A Canvas for Incoherent Arts," and wrote the first 1,098 words. I hope to finish it this afternoon. Also, I gave Spooky a hand with the CEM for The Red Tree. This is the least marked-up CEM I've ever received, and I'm hardly having to stet at all. We're thinking we'll be done with the CEM this evening, which will be a record for me (two days).

At this point, I've not had a genuine, full-blown "day off" in eighteen days, not since the 11th. And by the time the Digest goes out, it will have been a full 20 days (!!!). And Spooky keeps reminding me that I was supposed to have taken a three-week vacation in March, and that I took only one, so...likely the first week of April will be time off. I hope.


Four bids now on the long-lost Monster Doodle sculpture. Have a look. How can you resist those buggy eyes?

Also, the release date of the new trade-paperback edition of Alabaster is fast approaching!


Here in Providence, the weather is slowly, ever so imperceptibly, lurching towards spring. Days in the 50s and 40s, instead of the 30s and 20s. But the trees are still bare, and the ground is mostly still brown. It's hard not to miss the green of late March in Atlanta and Birmingham, no matter how much I might be glad to finally be free of the South.


Night before last, Shaharrazad and Suraa managed to cross the sea from Darkshore and explore Bloodmyst Isle, Azuremyst, and Teldrassil. We didn't even have to kill any NPCs. So, we landed the "Explore Kalimdor" achievement. We both remain at Level 63, running low-level quests to curry favour with Orgrimmar and the Darkspear trolls. Speaking for Shah, it's much more in character than lending aid to those two-faced bastards in the Argent Dawn and the Cenarion Circle. I fear Shaharrazad is pretty much a hardline loyalist when it comes to the Horde. Also, last night I did a little rp with the Alpha Institute in SL.

And's time to make the damn doughnuts.