February 5th, 2009


The Day's Motley

I dreamed I spoke with a nude woman whose skin was the colour of azurite. I said of her body, "The detail is amazing." She replied, "No. You cannot see the detail."

Several things to deal with here this morning. First off, you can now read the article/interview regarding A is for Alien on Tor.com. Just follow this link.

And speaking of A is for Alien, at this time Subterranean Press is reporting that the "trade edition is about 75% sold out, with more distributor and online bookstore reviews arriving daily, while we’re down to the last 25 copies of the signed limited edition, which comes with a chapbook, B is for Beginnings, that contains nearly 19,000 words of material not in the collection proper. The latter version is only available direct from SubPress at this point." Which is to say, order now, or you very well may miss the boat on this one. And my thanks to everyone who has ordered the collection.

I've also heard a report that Amazon is saying shipment of the book (assuming that you ordered from them and not directly from subpress) is delayed until March. I still have no idea what's up with that, as subpress is shipping now. I'll try to get to the bottom of this today.

Yesterday was all line edits on The Red Tree. I'd much rather be writing. We made it to page 113. Today, we need to reach at least the end of Chapter Five, which is roughly the halfway point.

On Sunday, I was asked to write a short bit, for a book on resources available to fiction writers, regarding my experiences as an author with Second Life, and my assessment of how SL can be used as a tool for fiction writers. I think I effectively managed to communicate my hate/love relationship, and my frustration with SL. I'd give the title of the book, but I've not yet thought to ask the author if I may.

And I should keep this short, since I've gotten horribly behind on my email, and the platypus and dodo insist I deal with it before I move on to the editing. But, I did promise more photos of the rope-entangled driftwood thingy we found on Monday, at the inlet near where Moonstone and Browning beaches meet up. So, here they are, behind the cut:

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