February 3rd, 2009


FREE stuff and Twitter

Here in Providence, it's snowing again.

Not up to a genuine entry right now, however I need to say that the FREE gift to Sirenia Digest subscribers will be going out TODAY. As I said before, it's a 12M+ file, but only two people have asked that we not send it, so I must assume that everyone else has an email account that can handle the file. And it really is something cool, even if I do say so myself (and I just did). However, we expect problems. If you don't get it, let us know (here's fine), and we'll try to work something out so that you will get it.

A reader emailed me last night imploring me to get a Twitter account. And my response was something like, what, isn't the crap I post my Facebook account trivial enough? Which is to say, no, I shall not Twitter. I did find this bit from an MSNBC article by somebody named Helen A.S. Popkin on "Twitter hate" (the "new black") rather well put, though (the general upshot of the article is that "old" people hate Twitter, because of this whole Logan's Run vibe, which I figure has at least a shred of truth to it):

Collapse )

But yes, I do hate Twitter with a passion that makes me froth at the mouth and snap the heads off songbirds. I hate Facebook almost as much, but one day I got bored and had a moment of weakness. I simply cannot fathom this obsessive need for constant and inconsequential connectedness*. But, then again, I also have no idea who Jack Bauer is. And, yeah, it's getting hard to deny the "old" factor at play here. You can only catch yourselves bitching about "kids these days" just so many times before you have to own up to the fact that you're no longer the hip, young zygote you once were. But that's okay, too. And now, I'm going to watch the snow....

* Keep in mind that not even once in my whole life have I ever "texted" anyone, and I hardly even use the phone anymore.