January 30th, 2009

Blood elf 2

"You know everything gets written down."

An especially unnerving dream this ayem, and I've not been this dreamsick in——I don't know——weeks. I'm trying to focus on the sunlight in my office, the music, the coffee, these words. Anything but the events of the goddamn dream.

I think the micro-vacation has turned into a nano-vacation, as I'm going to spend today assembling Sirenia Digest #38. This month, subscribers get two new stories, "The Thousand-and-Third Tale of Scheherazade" and "The Belated Burial," and, the former will have an illustration by Vince. This is, you'll remember, the Edgar Allan Poe tribute issue, so there will also be art by Harry Clarke, I think, and there might be a very special surprise. I hope to get the issue out to subscribers before midnight tonight. If you are not a subscriber, that's easily enough remedied. Just click here.

The recent short interview I gave regarding A is for Alien, to SCi Fi Wire/Tor.com, will be up on February 2nd, I think; I'll post the link as soon as I have it.

As for yesterday, I spent most of it in bed. We watched Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket (1996). Anderson is one of my favourite living directors, but I'd never seen Bottle Rocket (and still haven't seen Rushmore [1997]). Anyway, I loved the film, which is no surprise. The man is frakking brilliant. Also, I got some reading done: comic strips by Windsor McKay, papers in the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. I didn't sleep, which had sort of been the plan. Spooky got takeaway wonton soup for lunch, from our regular Chinese place. There was a small seizure, which, of course, did nothing to make me less exhuasted. Then, last night, I got back to WoW after mostly avoiding it the last couple of weeks. Shaharrazad made Level 57, and earned the "accomplishment" for completing 500 quests. Mostly, I've had her running low-level missions to become exalted with Undercity. I am not a power leveler. I figure by the time Spooky and I finally finish The Burning Crusade, we'll be able to pick up Wrath of the Lich King dirt cheap. June or July, maybe. After WoW, there was some good rp in Second Life, my paraplegic vampire. And after that, I went to bed, but proceeded to watch two episodes from Season Two of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. This is called avoiding sleep.

I think I've decided to proceed with the podcast idea. Likely, I'll record two or three stories from early issues of Sirenia Digest. I'll first make one available exclusively to subscribers for free, then offer them all via iTunes. Also, I'm going to have someone local make mp3s of all the old Death's Little Sister recordings, and get those up on iTunes (more as a curiosity than anything else).

And now, it's time to start assembling the Digest.

They're starting to open up the sky.
They're starting to reach down through.
And it feels like we're living in that split-second
Of a car crash.
And time is slowing down.
(NIN, which I quote here against the goddamn dream)

Addendum: Sirenia update

So, turns out a file (hard copy) I needed, in order to include that something special in Sirenia Digest #38 was boxed up in our storage unit in Pawtucket. And so we had to drive to Pawtucket to retrieve it. I'd hoped I'd still be able to get the issue out tonight, but the insomnia is slowing me down. This means it will be tomorrow evening before the new digest reaches subscribers. I do apologize for the minor delay.
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