January 27th, 2009

talks to wolves

"Dear Sweet Filthy World" (Pt. One)

Trying desperately (and with mixed results) to simultaneously stop taking the Ambien and catch up on my sleep. And stay hydrated.

Today, Spooky has to drive down to Wakefield to have the car inspected. They do that in Rhode Island, have mandatory safety inspections. Anyway, she's going to Wakefield, instead of doing it here in Providence, because she wants to see Wakefield in the snow.

I spent all of yesterday trying to find the Next Story. Or, rather, trying to find my way into it. No actual words were written. It's the worst sort of Writing Day, being really only an Almost-Writing Day. I did learn that in the UK "As of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008*, it is also illegal to possess physical depictions of necrophilia, electronic or otherwise. Necrophilia-pornography falls under the governmental description of extreme pornography, of which, possession is classed as illegal under the aforementioned act." However, here in the US, there are no Federal laws against necrophilia, and only nineteen out of fifty states have anti-necrophilia laws. Rhode Island is not one of them.

Anyway, quite apart from actual acts of necrophilia, the UK legislation seems a bit excessive, as it would not only affect "extreme pornography," but all manner of non-pornographic art, some of it quite old. And, of course, I have to wonder if anyone's realized this would apply to vampires. Vampirism, that socially acceptable incarnation of necrophilia. "Well, yeah...sure..he's dead, I know...and he sucks the blood of unwilling victims...and he sleeps in a coffin filled with moldering earth. But, jeez, he's sooooooo dreamy."

So, today, I try again to find my way into the new story.

Last night, we watched Matt Reeves' Cloverfield for the first time since we saw it in theatres. And I still think it's one of the most brilliant monster movies ever filmed.

I'm listening to Elvis Costello's The Juliet Letters, recorded with the Brodsky Quartet. It's one of my favourite albums from the early '90s, but it's been ages since I listened to it. Yesterday, I remembered it. Oh, and Spooky brought me a sheet of Edgar Allan Poe stamps from the PO.

The platypus and the dodo concur that any Tuesday in the year 2009 is a very fine time to order your copy of A is for Alien. Me, I've learned to listen to the wisdom of peculiar beasts.

I am utterly in awe of the news that Neil has won the Newbery Award for The Graveyard Book.

And now....I should go write something that's illegal to read in the UK. For the greater good....

* scarletboi reports that a review of the text of the Act reveals it does not apply to prose.

Postscript (3:23 p.m.): John Updike has died.