November 28th, 2008

talks to wolves

"Pull the blindfold down..."

Another very good writing day yesterday. 1,624 words on "Dancing with the Eight of Swords," and in only about two and a half hours. That's more than 3,000 words in the last two days, after having just finished "The Colliers' Venus (1893)." I'll finish the new vignette today. Tomorrow, I'll do everything else that needs doing on Sirenia Digest #36, and it should go out to subscribers late tomorrow night.

After dinner last night (spaghetti, and marinated artichoke hearts), we finished the first read through on The Red Tree. Spooky was doing the actual reading, and I confess, I'm so exhausted, I dozed through the last section of Chapter 8, which sucks (that I fell asleep; not the chapter), as it's one of my favourite parts of the book. Anyway, I was awake for all of Chapter 9. Having heard the whole thing now, I see that there is precious little editing to do. It works better, probably, than any novel I've ever written before. I have no idea how I wrote it so quickly, and also managed to get it right. My only real complaint is that I wish I'd have had time to make it several chapters longer. But, really, it works just fine at this length. The last chapter is such a plummet, and I can only hope that the readers take the fall as it's meant to be taken. Now, I'll attend to all these line edits I've accumulated, a few continuity errors, write an epilogue, produce a second draft, email that to my editor at Penguin, then do a second read through, sometime in December. The footnotes I agonized over early on will be present only in the "editor's" preface and epilogue.

I did some work on the crk_blog_vault (and, if you're interested in the writing of Low Red Moon, you may want to follow along). I posted sound bites to my Facebook account (which is just...weird).

Spooky drove down to Saunderstown yesterday afternoon to see her mom and dad, her younger sister (up from Brooklyn) and nephew and brother-in-law. Spooky's brother, who lives in Montana now, is on his way to some manner of scientific conference in Australia.

It's cloudy here today, overcast and only in the forties (F).

Also, yesterday, I read "New Specimens of Lithoptila abdounensis (Aves, Prophaethontidae) from the Lower Paleogene of Morocco," in the September JVP. And, late, we watched two more episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Both were quite good, and the series seems to be recovering from the lack of energy and focus at the beginning of Season Two. I do keep hoping for actual combat scenes with Summer Glau, and I wish they'd make better use of Shirley Manson. I'm loving all the glimpses of the world after "Judgment Day." The use of the Oz material in "Goodbye to That" was excellent.

Anyway, I think it was 4 ayem before I got to sleep, which just won't do. I know, because the platypus says it won't.

Pull the blindfold down,
So your eyes can't see.
Now, run as fast as you can
Through this field of trees.
—— The Editors