November 25th, 2008


" see a perfect forest, through so many splintered trees..."

I had it in my mind that today might be a day off. I don't actually have the time to take a day off right now, but I'm exhausted and meant to do it anyway. I was going to go to Boston, to the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard, or to New Haven, to the Yale Peabody Museum. But, no. Rain and gale force winds. So, I'm going to do some work, and maybe go out this evening to procure more warm clothes. I'm now planning a day off for the day after Sirenia Digest #36 is sent out to subscribers, come hell or high water (or snow).

Yesterday, I wrote 759 words and found THE END of "The Colliers' Venus (1893)." So, that's nine days and forty-seven typescript pages and 9,991 words. The longest story I've written in a while, and also an odd one for me. It strays dreadfully near an actual "happy ending," with actual resolution. Okay, maybe not a happy ending, but a much less bleak than usual for me ending. And maybe not genuine resolution, but something in the same neighborhood. I'm also toying with changing the title to "Ancient of Days (1893)," but I probably won't. Also, yesterday we read through Chapter Seven of The Red Tree. I think that I have finally written a book that fascinates me. Oh, I love Daughter of Hounds, and all the others have their good points, but I'm not sure they ever fascinated me. I was passionate for each and every one, yes, but I feel as though I could stare at The Red Tree for days and days and never see the bottom.

So, instead of a day off, today I will likely be finishing the first read through on The Red Tree (just two chapters to go) and polishing "The Colliers' Venus (1893)." And, as I said, maybe going out for more sweaters and socks.

Last night is sort of a blur. I couldn't stay awake, until I tried to fall asleep. I managed some work on the crk_blog_vault project.

Mostly, I'm toying with the idea of turning back to some of my shelved paleontology work to occupy my mind and get me away from time sucks like SL and WoW. I've got a whole fauna from the Bluffport Marl (Demopolis Chalk) of Sumter County, Alabama waiting to be prepared and described (including a large marine turtle and the youngest Cretaceous bird from Alabama). I think I've spent too much of my life, the last year and a half, living only virtually. I'm weary of it all, all those cartoon avatars. All the morons who can't be bothered, because they never learned to be earnest and, you know, it's not cool to take shit like this seriously. All the wasted potential. The simulacra that were only chat rooms. Maybe it's time for me to turn back to the "Real World." Oh, and books. And RL friends. And exercise. And sleep.

I'm not at all sure I'm making sense.

Of course, even as I say these things, I may be buying back the Palaeozoic Museum in New Babbage (SL). I sold it a few months ago, during the Howard's End debacle, but the woman who purchased it has defaulted on her rent. The mayor's offering to sell it back to me, and Spooky and I put so much work into it, I hate to just see it torn down. There's so little of old New Babbage left (it's a steampunk sim).

Also, I will cautiously say that I might be sort of tentatively impressed with Facebook. It's like MySpace for actual grown ups. People even use their actual names. That's sort of amazing.

Okay. The platypus says to drink my coffee and hop to it. So, I hop.