November 2nd, 2008

Blood elf 2

"Step up, step up, step up, the sky is open-armed."

Not much to be said about yesterday, so I'll be quick about it.

After only 861 words, I came, unexpectedly, upon THE END of the new piece for Sirenia Digest, the one that needs a better title (which I hope to find today). It is always a peculiar and not entirely pleasant feeling, coming, unexpectedly, upon a story's conclusion. Sure, there's undeniable relief that it's over. But there's this persistent sense that perhaps I did something wrong, and that the having done something wrong was responsible for the miscalculation. Usually, this is not true, but I always feel that way. Regardless, the story is done.

Today, I have to read through the whole thing, make line edits, and start to pull the digest together. Also, more proofing on A is for Alien. Today will be a day of miscellania and loose threads. But, the good news is that I'll actually get a day off, a REAL day off, on Tuesday. Spooky and I may go to Boston.

Last night, we watched Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores' The Hamiltons (2006), and liked it quite a bit. Here and there, the acting is unfortunate, and the film desperately needed a somewhat larger budget, but, overall, it was much better than I expected. In the Dark Age of Stephenie Meyer, it's nice to see something like this, brutal and honest and funny and bloody and not afraid of dead things. Or living things that survive by making dead things (we call this Life). Anyway, I would recommend it, with the above-stated caveat. The screenplay's rather nice, and there are a couple of good twists and turns. I would love to see this film remade.

A bit of WoW last night. My blood-elf warlock, Shaharrazad, and Spooky's blood-elf paladin, Suraa, slaughtered their way around Hillsbrad and Tarren Mills, and we discovered the lair of the Darrow Hill cave yetis, and then we dutifully massacred the lot. Shah reached Lvl 30. Shah is beginning to unfold as an actual character, here in the place I keep my "secret" characters, the ones I'll never have to write about. I know, for example, that she's an autonecrophile. That is, she only gets off on the sight of her own corpse, so actually looks forward to the occasional death. She may only achieve orgasm at the moment just before her resurrection. Also, she's an inveterate killer, but, in the end, all this Horde vs. Alliance stuff is lost on her. Two sides of the same futile coin, and she's very angry that, having become a hero in the eyes of the Sin'dorei, she was then sent off into the wilds and obscurity to fend for herself. She wants to be back home in Silvermoon, or, better yet, Sunstrider Isle. She tolerates the company of Suraa, because it's necessary, but often thinks of murdering her. Shah is bitter and dissatisfied, bloodthirsty and deeply perverse. She loathes humans and gnomes and trolls, in particular. She will not even acknowledge the existence of the night elves, unless she needs to kill a few. Shah knows that, one day, she will be a great demonologist. Shah finds the slowest, most painful ways to kill things. She's taken up skinning, just because. She has begun to display a grudging admiration for the orcs. There's a hint of Narcissa Snow in her, I think.

Too bad there's no rp....

Ah, today marks the 5th anniversary of Caitlín Standard Time (originally Caitlín Stabilizing Time), or CaST. Which is to say, I have not "fallen back," nor will I ever again. Once more, I shall be early for everything. Tiddley pom.