October 12th, 2008

Blood elf

Howard Hughes Contemplates Unblogged Days

Er...yeah. Well. I see there has been no public blog entry since October 9th, and here it is October 12th. So, this is just me saying I'm not quite dead, though you know how that goes. Chaos came on Thursday, the special, silly, soul-crushing, gut-wrenching sort of chaos to which only authors are privy. It precipitated my first two "friends locked" entries ever. Thursday and Friday I did not even try to write, and went so far as to consider abandoning The Red Tree. But that's not what happened. I went back to work on it yesterday, and did 1,412 words on Chapter Seven. Needless to say, I could ill afford to lose the two days, but there you go. A level of....discouragement, let's say...was reached that transcended my need and/or desire to obey the call of the platypus. Maybe my next entry —— a real entry —— will render all this somewhat less cryptic. Maybe not. Anyway, there hasn't been a great deal to report on, really. A bunch of movies, many hours of World of Warcraft (that thing which is presently keeping me from perpetrating mass murder in the "real world"), the usual. At any rate. This is just me checking in. I'll endeavor to make a genuine entry tomorrow morning. And don't forget, kiddos, the Icelandic word for "apart" is sundur, which rather begins to make sense of it all.

Addendum: Sarah Palin, Librarian to the Nation

Another one from Zina Saunders:

And from the Boston Globe. "Palin asked Wasilla librarian about censoring books" (9/14/08):

WASILLA —— Back in 1996, when she first became mayor, Sarah Palin asked the city librarian if she would be all right with censoring library books should she be asked to do so.

According to news coverage at the time, the librarian said she would definitely not be all right with it. A few months later, the librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, got a letter from Palin telling her she was going to be fired. The censorship issue was not mentioned as a reason for the firing. The letter just said the new mayor felt Emmons didn’t fully support her and had to go.

Spooky, never one to debate the finer points of politics, says of Palin, "The woman's a fucking nutjob, and that's all I have to say on the subject."