September 26th, 2008


An Old Klingon Proverb

No entry yesterday morning, because Wednesday was the sort of not-writing day I hate to have to write about. Hours in front of the keyboard, trying to find my way into the story to accompany Vince's illustration, and all to no avail. But yesterday went much, much better, and the solution at last presented itself, and I wrote 1,124 words on a piece that I'm currently calling "Untitled 33." With luck, I'll be able to finish it tomorrow or Sunday. Oh, and here's the image again. It's behind a cut, because like everything in Sirenia Digest (subscribe today!), it is, obviously, "mature" and "not work-safe" and likely to offend (or at least confuse) anyone who doesn't think swamp ooze is sexy (I am told such people exist, though I myself doubt it can be true):

Collapse )

Here in Providence, we have a steady, cold rain. Spooky spent all day yesterday trying to get the wipers on the car fixed. Wasn't the motor that drives them. Wasn't the wiring. Turns out it's a switch, and they're having the find the part from a junkyard, so we're sort of grounded until the rain stops.

Also yesterday, I read "A new Pleistocene tree-kangaroo (Dirpotodontia; Macropodidae) from the Nullarbor Plain of south-central Australia."

At least one Harvard professor believes that as much as 40% of World of Warcraft players are "addicted" to the game. Actually, that story is two years old. Anyway, me, I'm just an obsessive dork stuck in a massive leveling crunch after my dubious decision to move over to an RP server (where no RP actually seems to take place). As of last night (well, this ayem about two), since the switch from Merricat to Mithwen on Monday night, the game tells me I've logged 1 day, 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 13 seconds inworld. And I've made it halfway through Lvl 17. I hope that tonight I will regain Lvl 19, and I can back off again and just do this for, you know, fun. Really, I was fine until I "had" to start over. No more playing until my eyes cross and my ears bleed. Oh, and my thanks to Sopphi for the goodies. Also, last night —— for the first time —— I reported a player over a stupid name —— "Flippasaurus." Yes, I am both the spelling and the name police. So, there. But...I am loving the game, truly.

As for the SL Howard's End sim, well, it's been a bit ignored in this wave of WoW, but I will be taking steps this evening to remedy that. I'm going to send out a notice with a list of all the approved characters so far (which is pretty much everyone). The deadline for character submission was midnight last night. Our cemetery (modeled loosely after Stonington Cemetery in Connecticut and River Bend Cemetery in Rhode Island) is taking shape, as are some of the primary buildings. But yes, we are behind. This is what happens when one (finally) becomes utterly disillusioned with SL and discovers WoW at exactly the same time.

As for the financial crisis and President Asshole's bailout proposal, I'm trying my best not to think on any of that. Near as I can tell, fretting over this great bloody mess does me about as much good as fretting over continental drift. Or watching the debates tonight.

And though it is hardly the much-praised "high road," I would like to take one small moment to gloat over the demise of DC Comics' Minx line of mangaesque/"alternative young adult" graphic novels. Back in the autumn of 2005, Peter Gross and I wasted four months rewriting proposals for what would have been a comic titled Bullet Girl, when it was clear that all Vertigo was interested in was launching Minx, and the "focus group" meetings for Minx, and making our comic as much like the forthcoming Minx books as possible. I finally walked out on the whole mess in December of that year, sick of rewriting and idiotic suggestions in the interest of capturing the attention of the TokyoPop crowd (and never mind that TokyoPop's not doing so well these days, either) and having realized that the comic no longer bore any resemblance to the story I wanted to tell. I have nothing against manga. It's fun stuff. But the whole Minx undertaking was a cynical attempt to pander and second guess, and the mess it was making of Vertigo left me disinterested in ever working with them again. I do, of course, worry for the creators who were suckered into this fiasco.

Oh...look. The platypus is getting out hisherit's pointy boots.