August 28th, 2008


Postcard from a Day Off

Yesterday, for the first time, we read aloud through "The Z Word," start to finish. I hadn't heard any of it out loud, which is unusual, as we usually read the days pages aloud right off. Anyway, it holds up. Vince has already begun work on the illustration. The rest of the workday was spent going over the Daughter of Hounds excerpts that will also appear in Sirenia Digest #33, and I wrote an extra-long prolegomena for the issue (or so it felt, at 661 words). I also spoke with Bill Schafer about doing a third erotica collection for subpress next year, and that project now has a green light.

Please note that the copy of To Charles Fort, With Love included in the current eBay auctions appears to be the last copy of the trade hardcover edition that we have for sale. Which came as a surprise to Spooky and me both. So, considering the collection is sold out, and this is likely my last copy for eBay, you might want to have a look. Also, if you missed it yesterday, A is for Alien now has a cover (art by surrealist Jacek Yerka, which just pleases me no end).


When the work was done yesterday, Spooky said, "Let's go to the beach," so we did. Only, first we stopped in to see her mom and dad in Saunderstown. We talked about apples, Wyoming, rock climbing, Colorado, jellybeans, and the subversiveness of science. Her dad had several back issues of Science for me, all of August, I think (he's a department chair and Professor of Anthropology and Marine Affairs in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Rhode Island). Then we headed south to Moonstone Beach, which we'd not visited since way back on July 28th. This beach has so many moods, and yesterday it was still and quiet. Not much surf, and the air was so clear we could see south all the way to the northern shore of Block Island, about 13 miles away. We waded a bit, and both got a lot wetter than we'd intended. There were tracks of plovers, gulls, and cormorants everywhere. Tiny dinosaur tracks. We saw a flock of almost forty cormorants, when we'd never seen more than three or four together, previously. The last of this year's rose hips have ripened. We saw the pair of swans on Trustom Pond we've been seeing all summer long. A beautiful evening. There are photos below.


Back in Providence, we got some Chinese takeaway and, being in the mood for something goofy and charming, we watched Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou (1965, directed by Elliot Silverstein). Then I did some work on the first go at a set of rules (the "do's and don'ts" sort) for the Howards End players and sent it out. It will need a good deal of expansion and revision before we begin in October, but it's a start. Basically, I'm looking at all that time I've spent in other sims and other rps, at everything that's mucked up rps in which I have taken part, and trying to weed out the problems before they arise. The terraforming is coming along nicely, most notably the warrens and necropolis by the sea, and the old train tunnel under College Hill. Oh, and I got a really oogy new skin for my Ravnos antitribu character (from Corvinus, a different rp), so now we no longer have to pretend she has welts and blisters and seeping open sores due to her horrid photohypersensativity. Now she looks the part. Oh, and Spooky worked on the Bailff avatar, who is looking quite a bit like Sid Haig


Today has been declared an Official Day Off, my first since Monday the 18th, nine days ago. I was getting kind of ragged. Anyway, here are the photos:

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