August 7th, 2008

CatvonD vamp

"persnal magnacism and sex repeal"

I. Am. So. Not. Awake. Just crawled away from a dream of breaking into a church and then descending deeper and deeper into some sort of spiraling cavern in the earth, like an endless natural spiral staircase. And now I am here, except for all of me that's still back there.

Strung out on the wings of the dawn.
Hole in the black, soul in the storm.
Torn down through the cracks in the dark,
We're miles adrift, we're inches apart.

The damned antibiotic is making me ill, which always happens, and always surprises me, regardless. If the cure doesn't kill you, you'll be just fine.

All of yesterday was spent trying to get the chapbook that will accompany the limited edition of A is for Alien ready to send off to subpress. And because this is a long chapbook, and I want it to be something special, what I thought would take me half a day took all of yesterday, and will take part of today to finish. A razor-sharp, crap-shoot affair, indeed. The chapbook will be divided into two sections —— I. "Early Tales" ("Between the Flatirons and the Deep Green Sea," "Persephone," and "Hoar Isis") and Part II. "Dream Sequence," which includes all those blog entries pertaining to the recurring "laugh motel" dreams that led me to write both "A Season of Broken Dolls" and "In View of Nothing" (with some commentary). So, yeah, always biting off more than I can quickly chew, but it's gonna be a nice chapbook, and Richard Kirk has very kindly consented to allow me to use the illustration he did in 2001 for "Hoar Isis" as the cover. And no, the chapbook cannot be purchased separately. It only comes with the limited edition.

After the work, I had a long bath before dinner. I lay there in the tub thinking about the chapbook. Afterwards, I finished Chapter Ten of Fraser's Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Life in the Triassic, "Pitfalls in Paleontology: The British Fissure Deposits." The chapter was concerned largely with sphenodontians, such as Plancocephalosaurus, Clevosaurus, and Diphydontosaurus, but also the gliding kuehneosaurs, the earliest crocodiles —— such as the sphenosuchid Terrestrisuchus —— a few synapsids, and early mammals, such as Oligokyphus. Having finished the chapter, I dozed on the sofa until Spooky woke me to eat. After dinner, we proofread the "Dream Sequence" half of the chapbook. Later, we watched Tamara Jenkins' The Savages (2007), which I adored. Great screenplay, and Philip Seymour Hoffman continues to amaze me. And then, afterwards, I found myself back in Second Life, in the city of Corvinus, the Vampire: the Masquerade sim. You know it's better than average SL roleplay when there's a party and everyone pretty much stays in character. I think my character's what you get when you cross Vin Diesel with Michelle Yeoh. Only you'd never want to cross Vin Diesel or Michelle Yeoh. And I'm probably a doofus, but I'm really looking forward to Babylon A.D. Anyhow, I didn't get to bed until about 4 ayem.

I actually ordered that "Platypus of Death" shirt, because they had it as a tank top (or "boybeater," if you prefer). How could I not? It hasn't yet arrived.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, and if you haven't already, please, please pick up a copy of the mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds.

Okay. Back to the chapbook, and damn, but my office needs to be cleaned.

Stood up on the side of the earth.
Thrown back to the track, to the dirt.
Tooth red, lose an hour a day.
We're miles adrift, we're inches away...

* Unkle, "Broken"