August 6th, 2008


I think maybe the darkness finds you and me.

The worst sort of nightmare last night (well, this morning). The nightmare wherein someone loved and lost is alive, and you realize it was all a mistake, or that you simply misremembered her death, and The Bad Thing never happened. And then you wake, and realize, by slow degrees, that it did happen.

Let's see what I can recall about yesterday. After I attended to a few bits of writing-busyness, we left the house and headed south. There was an odd chill in the air —— odd for me, it being the 5th of August and my having lived most of my life in the South. Beautiful storm clouds building all around Providence. Instead of going directly to Spooky's parents' place, we decided to stop in Warwick to see The X-Files: I Want to Believe, because it happened that we had free passes. And this is what I think of the film.

It was quite a good episode of The X-Files, one of the darker, gorier ones, but as an X-Files movie, I think it falls rather short of the mark, and would be just as acceptable seen on a television screen as on a theatre screen. Which is to say, I'm glad the tickets were free, and you probably want to wait for the DVD. I'm not saying it was bad, not at all. But it entirely lacks the scope and wonder delivered by X-Files: Fight the Future (1998), which I liked quite a lot as a movie. But I do have a theory about why this film is what so many have (annoyingly and wrongheadedly) described as "little more than X-Files slash." Carter was smart enough to realize that it's been ten years since the last film, and six years since the series ended. His elaborate, and generally muddled, "mythos" has been largely forgotten by all but die-hard fans (like me), and if this were a film about aliens, international conspiracies, clones, bees, and oily black viruses, 90% of the audience would be utterly lost. So, instead, he chose to make a much more intimate film about Scully and Mulder six years on, a sort of quiet, melancholy epilogue to the whole story. This is, mostly, a film about regret and relationship, about faith and determination, and about fate. Not aliens and conspiracy. Sure, there's the grisly Frankensteinesque serial-killer bit thrown in, making it a de facto horror film (even though there's not much attempt to have that part of the film make much sense). And if that's not the sort of film you expected, you'd hate it. All in all, Carter would have been better off not making this film. Still, it was good seeing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back in those familiar roles, and their performances rang true. As usual, Billy Connolly was marvelous. There was some great dialog. But I really wish there could have been more. I can easily think of five or six good stories that would have made a better X-Files film, but, then again, expectation is the demon. I will say, I was uncomfortable with the the film's Catholic themes, but Scully's Catholicism always did give me the creeps.

After the movie, we realized that we'd left my penicillin in Providence. Rather than drive all the way back home, we decided we'd only visit the farm, then head back to the city. We were both disappointed, but it's not like we had much choice. So, we made the best of it. We visited with Spider (the cat), fed the fish, and walked in the woods. I had a short nap in all that quiet. We picked two huge bowls of blueberries. I borrowed all the July 2008 issues of Science. I picked up groundfall apples and tossed them over the electric fence (after we'd inspected it to be sure there were not shorts, etc.) so the deer could find them. We looked in on the chickens. I just wish we could have spent the night. I think we got back to Providence about 9:30 pm, and had the fourth and final night of Spooky's chicken stew, this time with rice. Spooky baked a blueberry cobbler (yum).

And later, I had some satisfying roleplay in Second Life. mostly the WoD/V:tM stuff in the city of Corvinus. Having been embraced and sired by a Ravenos antitribu, my former Vietnamese assassin and gun runner found herself deserted and confused and starving, wandering the dark streets. There was a lot of wandering. A lot. In a city dominated by the Camarilla. Finally, I was found by —— of all things —— a Bahari and a Sabbat templar, who, seeing great potential, and displeased with my Sire's neglect, helped me with my first victim, who just happened to be one of my former bodyguards, who'd unwisely lingered about the city, hoping for another gig (despite the fat severance check I'd left him, along with an order to get the hell out of town). So, yeah, good rp.

Forgive me for simply reposting this next bit, but I overslept, and it's getting late: Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Spooky just relisted the limited edition of Frog Toes and Tentacles. Also, if you are so able, do please preorder the mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds. Editors who see good sales figures are happy editors, and happy editors mean less nervous authors. And yes, it's also available for the Kindle, and no I do not approve of the Kindle (for a host of reasons), but if that's really how you prefer to read, the sale is still appreciated. It's the "used" copies that aren't helpful. Finally, subpress is taking preorders for A is for Alien, which is probably the project I'm most excited about right now.

Okay. Now eight photos from yesterday evening —— flowers around the koi pond, the Spider cat, and blueberries:

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