July 10th, 2008


"The will to greatness clouds the mind..."

The anger's still here, and there's no way I'm fit to write an actual entry. So, instead, I'll just post five more of the photos from the evening of July 7th (behind the cut), though I think I posted the best ones on Tuesday. There's not much to be said for yesterday, anyway. It was hot. I didn't write. Spooky broke a tooth. I spent a great deal of time lying on the floor in the front parlour staring up at the ceiling.

I do not want this to become a "sick journal," a catalog of maladies, a daily list of infirmities. I hate that sort of shit. This journal exists to promote my writing, and to help me accomplish my writing.

Late, late last night, I had the third seizure in three days. The worst of the three. Today, I feel like someone ran over me with a small truck. I'm so tired of this. Just...tired of it. Tuesday's seizure actually happened at the market, the first ever in a public place. Fortunately, it was just a little blip, like my brain rebooted or something, a few seconds. I don't think anyone, except Spooky, even noticed. Anyway, yeah. And I know why this is happening, or I think I do. Stress + mental exhaustion. So, today, I'm just going to take it easy, try to get from one end to the other. No greater goal.

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