June 8th, 2008


Hothouse Flowers

Last night, after yet more unpacking of paleo' books (and much more sweating), and after reading the first part of Joss Whedon's Serenity: Those Left Behind graphic novel, I finally got to bed about three ayem. I have always found it especially hard to sleep in hot weather. Lying in bed, I watched the second half of Alien: Resurrection (1997) on the iBook, and when it was over, about four, I was still wide awake. So, I took a second Ambien and put in Alien (1979). The second Ambien hit, and I was asleep before the Nostromo touched down on LV-426. In fact, I think I'm still asleep. Here in Providence, it's 92F, with the heat index at 93F, and inside the house, the thermostat is reading 87F. Spooky made a big pitcher of iced coffee, and the fans are on, but it's not much in the way of relief.

I wanted to repost the new snail-mail address, for anyone who might have missed last night's entry:

Caitlín R. Kiernan
P.O. Box 603096
Providence, RI 02906 USA

Also, I wanted to post this clip from Dreams With Sharp Teeth, the new film about Harlan by Erik Nelson. Great, great stuff. You have no idea how many times people ask writers if they can use something for, well, whatever, and use it in such a way that they stand to profit financially from that usage, without expecting to pay the author. Or, on a similar note, people who ask me to attend to their conventions —— usually hundreds or even thousands of miles from where I live —— but do not offer to pay my expenses and are offended when I tell them I only do local cons, unless expenses are paid. They tell me it's great publicity. I reply that it'll cost me a thousand dollars, that ten people will attend my reading because everyone wants to stand in line to pay $35 for the signature of whatever washed-up TV star the con committee has talked into attending. If I want publicity, the internet is free, and comes without bad hygiene.

My head is filled with fire, with heat and scalding white light, and I need to try to write. At least I found the platypus. Mush, platypus, mush...