April 16th, 2008


Me, my thoughts are flower strewn.

My journal entries have been a little long-winded recently, so maybe this one will turn out shorter. Or maybe it won't. But, the sun and warm air are back. The tree outside my office window is green.

Yesterday, I did 1,216 words on Chapter One of The Red Tree. Sarah Crowe, I fear, is going to be one of my most autobiographical characters to date. The novel is being written in the form of her journal, which has been edited for publication. That might work, and it might not. Right now, I'm struggling with a desire to use "editor's" footnotes. Also, I determined yesterday that if I can write a minimum of 1,200 words a day until May 1st, I might have a chance of getting this novel done by September 1. Truthfully, I'd like to get that up to 1,500 words per day.

"The Wolf Who Cried Girl" (Sirenia Digest #24; November 2007) has been selected for the 2008 edition of Horror: The Best of the Year (edited by Stefan Dziemianowicz; Prime Books). You'll recall that "Pony" (Sirenia Digest #2; Jan. 2006; but also in Tales from the Woeful Platypus) was chosen for the 2007 edition of Horror: The Best of the Year. It pleases me that the digest is being noticed by editors.

Lots of income tax chaos yesterday, of course. Spooky handles most of that. I just sign my name on the dotted line. Regardless, it did nothing to make yesterday more pleasant. But! I went Outside! All the way to Videodrome and the market with Spooky. I was so proud of myself. Anyway, on something far more perverse than a whim, we rented Kevin Lima's latest Disney outing, Enchanted. You'll recall that, after the Oscars, I had nothing but foul words for the three songs that were nominated. I think "insipid" was one of them. Well, to my surprise, the film itself — with the songs placed in their proper context — is peculiarly charming. And bizarre. And quite charming. And, well, it just sort of works. Also, it is an extraordinarily gay movie (you know, in the homosexual sense). Amy Adams gives an absolutely toe-curlingly creepy performance as a cartoon princess come to life. Timothy Spall is always, always a joy to watch. Susan Saradon seemed to be having fun, hamming it up as the villain. And kudos to Pip the chipmunk. No, I did not smoke crack last night. I did not even have a wee glass of absinthe.

Okay. The tyrant platypus (Ornithorhynchus tyrannus) says it's time to have coffee and make some doughnuts.