March 5th, 2008

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Howard Hughes and Her Privateer Whores (A Shanty)

Yesterday I did 1,065 words on "Pickman's Other Model." Another good writing day. I'm really starting to fall in love with this story. I'm guessing I'll likely be able to finish it, at this rate, by Sunday or Monday. By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model," you may now read the entire story online (though I still recommend reading it from an actual book).

People who pre-ordered the new Subterranean Press edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder should be receiving their copies any time now. And if you haven't ordered, I think there might be a hundred or so copies left at the publisher.

This is, I think, actually going to be a genuinely shortish entry. Huzzah.

After the writing yesterday, we had a walk in Freedom Park. It was a little chilly for my liking, but the sky was filled with wonderful clouds. After dinner, we watched the first three episodes of Season Four of Angel, and I think the series is really starting to hit its stride right about here. And it was great getting Alexa Davalos as the "electrifying" Gwen in "Ground State," as I'd enjoyed her as Kyra ("Jack") in The Chronicles of Riddick. And getting to see a green Fred wasn't so shabby, either (in "The House Always Wins"), at least not if you are given to the sorts of...oh, never mind. I read "Dinosaur teeth from the Cenomanian of Charentes, Western France: evidence for a mixed Laurasian-Gondwanan assemblage" in the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (Vol. 27, No. 4). Later still, I had Second Life rp as Nareth the cyborg Nephilim in Toxian City. First, there was a bit of fetish magick and phylactery, raising a protective sentry for the Omega Institute, and then Nareth had some issues with absolute zero and temporal flux, and, finally, she was granted the ability to cry (whether she wanted it or not). There's a screencap behind the cut. That was yesterday.

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And just in case you have not yet heard about the discovery, from a Welsh lobster pot, of the first-known "hexapus", well, now you have. As for me, I've no time for any 'pus at the moment but Herr Platypus, who needs a breath mint, I think.