March 3rd, 2008


"They had an epiphany. They saw the light..."

Regarding my quote yesterday (from a March 2, 2005 entry) on the ease with which one may find my books via the internet, ariander writes:

To add to that, if people are really bent on buying through their local bookseller, said bookseller has all sorts of access to ordering systems and will most likely order whatever people want if those people make the effort to ask for it rather than wandering the aisles, giving a shrug when it can't be found, and walking back out the door.

This is, of course, entirely true, and I was remiss in not mentioning it. Don't see what you want at your local bookstore? Just ask them to order it. Easy as pie (whatever that means).

The latest round of eBay auctions will be ending later this afternoon, including the only copy of the Japanese translation of the Beowulf novelization I am likely ever to offer on eBay. Ever. So, please, have a look and bid if you are so disposed and able. Thank you.

Yesterday, while I did not actually write, I did manage to prepare myself to write today. Sometime last week, a title came to me — "Pickman's Other Model" — and so yesterday I reread "Pickman's Model" for the thousandth time and did various other bits of research related to the story and 1927 Boston and a slew of artists (from Goya to Sidney Sime), and I think today I am ready to begin the piece (which will appear in Sirenia Digest #28). I'm pretty sure it will be set not in Boston, but on College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, and that it will be a first person narrative written by "Eliot," the man who is being told the tale of Thurber's encounter with Richard Upton Pickman in Lovecraft's story.

Also, I have been invited to participate in ReaderCon 19 in Burlington, Massachusetts this July, and I am going to try to actually attend.

A good walk yesterday. The weather was fantastic. Tank-top weather. We walked through Freedom Park, and I took photos of things that were budding and blooming. I meant to include some of the photos in this entry, but forgot until this very moment. Maybe I'll get them in tomorrow. Oh, and I washed my hair, which is always a chore. And, Second Life aside, that was yesterday.