March 2nd, 2008


A new star born out of a diamond. I think it'll be beautiful.

A paragraph I wrote in this journal on this day three years ago, and I think it bears reposting:

Something I've harped on a million times, but I'm gonna harp on it again, because it came up yesterday, and it's important. My books, though they might be scarce in many American bookshops and absent in most foreign bookshops, are equally available to everyone who is in possession of a credit card (with credit) [or PayPal account] and an internet connection. Everything I've done that is in print is available from Amazon, B&, booksamillion,, my eBay auctions, and at least dozens of other places. Poppy says that every time someone says to an author, "I can't find your books," the Baby Jesus cries. Damn straight. So, don't say it. It's not true. Bookselling has changed a great deal in the last ten years, and book buying must change as well, or many authors, those of us who don't get mountains of publicity from publishers (and that means most of us), who have publishers who don't pay the chain stores to stock heaps of our latest title right up front, will most certainly perish. It might not have all the romance of the old days, browsing the shelves of a dusty Mom & Pop store, but it's easier, reliable, cheap, and almost everyone, everywhere, can do it. No, really. My books are not hard to find. Not even in Peru, Thailand, and New Zealand. All you have to do is look.

To wit, here are some specific links:

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

Tales of Pain and Wonder

As for yesterday, I got all the signature sheets for Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy signed, and they'll go back in the mail on Monday. I got news that Tales of Pain and Wonder is back from the printer, and I should have my copies next week. Also, two stories that first appeared in Sirenia Digest are being reprinted in Trisha Telep's The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance — "Ode to Edvard Munch" and "Untitled 12." I received my itinerary for the O'Neil Literary House appearance on March 21-22, and I cannot recall whether or not I have mentioned that S.T. Joshi will be there, as well.

Today, I need to start something new for Sirenia Digest #28. I know that the issue will include a longer piece based on the Russian Snegurochka fairy tale (thank you, Sonya!), but I'm still doing research on it and am not ready to begin writing. First, I'll write something shorter. Anyway, yeah, today I go word hunting. Oh, and don't forget, eBay auctions end tomorrow, and this is the only copy of the Japanese translation of the Beowulf novelization I will be offering, and it comes with a free copy of the UK edition. As yet, it has no bid, which rather surprises me.

A great Torchwood last night, and, though I will not commit spoilage, wow, I didn't see that coming.

As I said, I've been spending less time in Second Life, up until the last day or so. And last night, Sissy (scarletboi) and Kat (memkhet) finally made the leap into the metaverse, and we were up until some perfectly ungodly hour, the two of them meeting the Professor's daughter, Elenore Darwin, in New Babbage. But it was enormous fun, even if Elenore is no more than the beginning of something Very Bad. There was more, but I shall not geek on about Second Life for the next ten minutes.

Right. Coffee. Check. Platypus. Check. Engage...
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