February 14th, 2008


Communication with the Nerve.

Just got the news that German translation rights for Threshold and Low Red Moon have sold. The advance check from this sale could not come at a better time.

So, as for yesterday, there were three ways things could have gone with the cracked molar (upper, right): a deep filling, a root canal, or extraction. As usual, I planned for the worst case scenario, and expected it would have to be pulled. That was not the case. The decay does not appear to have reached the nerve (which was sealed with some UV-activated stuff), and the tooth was filled. Damage to two other teeth (a lower molar and premolar) was also found and dealt with. I think I kept my mouth open for the better part of an hour and a half. And today my throat is sore and my jaw feels like I've been in a brawl, and I've had no solid food since dinner Tuesday night. So yeah, I'm pretty uncomfortable at the moment, but I am relieved, I suppose. We're through this part of the problem.

And here it is Valentine's Day. Someday, I'll have to write a story about Valentine's Day 1989, which I spent in the Birmingham City Jail. I should at least be able to get a chapbook out of that.

I think the only things that didn't suck about yesterday were Spooky bringing me a cup of coffee in the tub, and her coming back from Trader Joe's with a $5 bottle of "Bear's Lair" merlot. I made jokes about wines from the finest vineyards of Cincinnati, though, in truth, "Bear's Lair" is from California.

Last night, as I wasn't up to anything that didn't involve lying down, we watched two more episode of Angel ("The Thin Dead Line" and "Reprise"), then Project Runway (Go, Christian and Chris!), and then went to bed and Spooky started reading me Lemony Snicket's The Horrible Hospital. Oh, the weather yesterday was bitter cold, and it was spitting snow in Birmingham, which did nothing to make the whole experience less unpleasant.

Again, my great thanks to everyone who has helped, whether with direct donations, eBay, buying my books, spreading the word, or just offering a kind comment. All are greatly appreciated. The eBay auctions continue, and there's no such thing as a bad time to subscribe to Sirenia Digest (which is the first thing I have to get back to work on, just as soon as I can sit up without feeling woozy).

Postscript (3:24 p.m. CaST): Oh, it gets better! I seem to have caught some sort of cold...
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