February 12th, 2008


Every step we take that's synchronized...

Yesterday I did not get back on the horse (to extend a metaphor from one day to the next), but I did nuzzle that spot behind its left ear and give it a kiss and a few sugar cubes. That's a start. Mostly, I worked on figuring out what will and will not be in the subpress sf collection, which might be titled A is for Alien and might be titled Bradbury Weather and Other Stories. Here's what I now know — The book will be released sometime in early 2009. It will consist of eight stories, and there will be an accompanying chapbook with one or two more short pieces. I'm not posting the Table of Contents yet, but I probably will soon. The word count comes to 65,885 words, but may go a little higher if I do an introduction or afterword. So, emails were exchanged with Bill Schafer yesterday, working all this out. Today, I may have time to get a rough version of the ms. put together. No word yet on when it will be available for pre-orders.

I still have not answered a great deal of the email that's coming in, well wishes and very generous offers for assistance of one sort of another with my medical expenses. I'm still trying to get through them, and I apologize to those people I've not yet written back. I will point readers towards the ongoing eBay auctions, and suggest that subscribing to Sirenia Digest is a very good way to help out. Or pick up a copy of Daughter of Hounds (new, not "used"). Any of these options would be a great way to help out at this point.

Tomorrow, it's back to the dentist to have the other molar fixed.

Last night, we watched three more eps of Angel ("The Trial," "Reunion," and "Redefinition"). Season Two is definitely better than Season One, and I have to admit that the scenes between Darla and Dru in "Reunion" were, well, easy on the eyes...if you get my drift. And after that, I thought about reading, but ended up on Second Life, roleplaying in Toxian City, where I assisted one of the Omega Institute's praetors in setting up a protective ward, involving fetish and phylactery, to shield the library from future attacks. Which was really a lot more fun than it might sound. And then the insomnia kicked in, and it was after 5 ayem before I got to sleep. That was yesterday.

Now I have to wash my hair....