February 8th, 2008


White chalk sat against time

I think that yesterday, when I described my reaction to the responses to Wednesday's entry as "a little flummoxed and humbled," the word that I was really looking for was overwhelmed. And I only became more overwhelmed as yesterday wore on. I tried to get through all the email, but stopped somewhere after the first dozen or so. Again, my great thanks for everything that has been said and done and for the very generous financial donations. I cannot overstate how much this has helped. The last six months or so, Spooky and I have felt very alone, facing all this, and now we feel quite a bit less so. A special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post about this in their own journals. I'd list you all, but I'd only leave a bunch of people out if I tried. Anyway, here's the PayPal button again:

Also, there are the ongoing eBay auctions. And yes, that really is a $300 bid on a copy of Daughter of Hounds. I will also be adding the handwritten copy of "Zelda Fitzgerald in Ballet Attire" soon, and Steven Spector has kindly volunteered to donate one of the "remix" versions of the "Nest" poem that was auctioned with the "Ravens Four" dolls last year. Only four copies of the poem exist, in two forms (the original draft and the "remix," which I did using the "cut up" method). It hasn't been published anywhere, and likely won't be for a long, long time. So, yes, we'll be auctioning one of those as well.

One thing that I neglected to mention yesterday is that Ziraxia, the aliens who created the Stiff Kitten T-shirts, are now doubling my commission on each shirt purchased (thank you, scarletboi). So, that's another option.


Yesterday, besides answering emails, I discussed my upcoming appearance at Washington College with Zach at the O'Neil Literary House. I spoke with the literary editor at The Ballyfermot Post, who's asked to do an interview. Spooky and I had a short walk, and while the weather was not as warm as it has been, it was hardly cold. We saw a young dead possum at the side of the street, which I fear was the same young possum that has been visiting us and which I posted a photo of a while back. We also saw two of our local Red-tailed hawks ((Buteo jamaicensis)), one soaring high overhead, the other flapping about much lower and finally lighting on a tree branch. We talked with indifferent cats and friendly dogs. I noticed that one of the little cermaic animals (a green chicken), the ones that come in boxes of Red Rose tea, that I set out way back in 2005 is still on the wall where I put it. I talked with Harlan, who called to see how I was doing. Spooky and I watched three more episodes of Angel ("Dear Boy," "Guise Will Be Guise," and "Darla"). Cordelia still isn't growing on me, but I do have a thing for Dru. I read "Velafrons coahuilensis, a new lambeosaurine hadrosaurid (Dinosauria; Ornithopoda) from the late Campanian Cerro del Pueblo Formation, Coahuila, Mexico" in the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (a neat beast, closely related to Hypacrosaurus and Corythosaurus). That was yesterday, more or less.

Oh, and I learned this ayem that Emmie Silvey is a Ravenclaw. Since Spooky and I were both sorted as Ravenclaws (what else?), this is very good news. And this should prove once and for all that I am no enemy of fan fic, even Harry Potter/Daughter of Hounds crossover fic, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her sorting at Hogwart's. And I love that the Emmie icon is Dakota Fanning with yellow eyes, and that the Chance icon is Jodie Foster.

Anyway, I'm neglecting my coffee. This must be rectified.
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