January 2nd, 2008


A Boy and His Zombie

Yesterday went about as well as the beginning of any year can go, I suppose. We cooked an enormous meal, which we'll be eating on for days, and Byron came over. I finished up my three days off, trying to actually rest as much as possible. I did manage a nap on the sofa, listening to Henryk Górecki's Symphony No. 3 Opus 36 (which I'm listening to again this morning).

The only silver-lining to having suffered through Skinwalkers a couple of weeks back was that the DVD also had a trailer for Andrew Currie's hilarious Fido (2006), starring Carrie-Anne Moss and Billy Connolly. Which we watched last night with Byron. Wow. The first charming zombie movie I've ever seen. This Canadian film is set in an alternate late 1950s or early 1960s, after a zombie plague and a zombie war, and the only safe human communities exist inside walled-off sanctuaries, presided over by the all-powerful Zomcon. Not only does Zomcon render zombies "safe" by fitting them with blinking collars (this is Nebari tech, I swear), it also decides who stays in the picturesque Leave It To Beaver towns and who gets chucked out into the "wild zones" where the zombies still hold sway. It was like Lassie, only with zombies, and you really ought to see it. Wonderful art direction, soundtrack, and cinematography. Just excellent all round.

Tomorrow, I need to make another trip to Athens, more research for Joey LaFaye, but we finally have bitter cold in Atlanta (presently 28F with a wind chill that drags it down to 16F, and a NW wind at 19 mph, gusting to 27 mph), and tomorrow does not promise to be much better. So, it may be late in the week before I can get back to Athens. I think I'll go ahead and finish "The Crimson Alphabet" now, get most of Sirenia Digest written, so I can devote the rest of the month to the novel. By the way, I have been very pleased with the several reader comments I've received, all of the positive, regarding "Untitled 31." So, thanks. Glad you liked it.

I must remind you of the ongoing eBay auctions, and I hope you'll take a look and also hope that you'll bid. Let me draw your attention to the paisley platypuses accompanying these lettered editions of Tales from the Woeful Platypus — hand sewn by me, signed and numbered. I only made five, and two are gone. That leaves three. Just three, then probably no more paisley platypuses. They measure about eight and an eighth inches long and are filled not with beans, but with rice. This particular auction, for the copy of the book with platypus #3, ends tomorrow, January 3rd.

Also, Subterranean Press is still taking preorders for the 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder, which comes with the FREE chapbook, Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder.

Oh, and I must share this — The lolcat Bible Translation Project — (thank you, Byron), because it's actually very funny, and, also, I fear that Ceiling Cat may now have replaced the Flying Spaghetti Monster as my favored absurdist alternate deity of choice.

Oh gods. So this is 2008? What a kick in the nethers....
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