November 8th, 2007


Chiana Marshmallow Pipsqueak 2005-2007

We just found Chiana dead in her cage. It's been a long damned time since I cried over the death of a pet rodent. The last time, I think, was 1973, and it was a flying squirrel. But. Yeah. She lived a long time for a dwarf hamster, and Spooky took very, very good care of her, and she had a good time here on Earth. I lit a candle for her and put it on the altar. And I feel silly. But life is life. I do not judge its worth based upon membership in any given species. And she came to us at a time when I needed the odd comfort she gave me, and for that I am grateful. And sad that she is gone.

Go to bed, Caitlín.