September 23rd, 2007


Men go crazy in congregations; they only get better one by one.

And here, already, it is Mabon. Too, too soon. Even after this dreadful summer, part of me dreads the approach of winter. Those blue skies. My aching feet. Ah, whatever. Here's wishing you a joyful Mabon, or Aban Efed, or Feast of the Ingathering, or simply a pleasant Autumnal Equinox.

As predicted, yesterday was all housecleaning, and now this place is a fair sight less cluttered and dusty. So, today we can return to work on Tales of Pain and Wonder — the last couple hundred line edits — and hopefully, tonight, I'll not be so fried I can't get back to work on the screenplay for "Onion."

Yesterday at dusk, we went out for our evening walk, and heard the screech owl (Megascops asio) that we've been hearing on our street for a couple of months now. Last night, though, we were fortunate enough to catch sight of her or him, perched on a branch near the road and crying out with the distinctive "whinny" of a screech owl, sort of like the sound an Hyracotherium might have made (assuming palaeotheriids whinnied, and they likely did not). It's an eerie, beautiful sound. We walked west almost as far as Inman Park, and returned to find Byron seated on our porch steps. We watched the "new" Torchwood, part of The Graham Norton Show, and then Mike Judge's Idiocracy. On the one hand, I'll admit the movie was funny, sort of like Futurama turned inside out. But on the other, Spooky and I agreed afterwards that its portrayal of a future human population where everyone is an slack-jawed, consumerized idiot to be not so very different from how we perceive the bulk of the present human populace, and in that regard the film is more annoying and creepifying than anything. I note the film has a 6.4 at IMDb, and a 67% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Since I started Second Life back in May, I've seen a certain statistic bandied about, something to the effect of "53% of all Second Life women are really men." This morning, I was determined to track down the source of the number, but have so far had no luck. Though I'm quite certain that the number of men using female avatars is indeed extremely high, I also know that there's no reliable way of calculating the actual percentage, if only because most of them aren't going to admit that they're not really female. And I'm wondering, too, does this count as transvestitism...but that's a different kettle of fish. Anyway, the search led me to several articles wherein people were worrying about the possibility of Second Life cracking down on its (very large) furry population, by deeming sex with or between furries to be bestiality and therefore a violation of "community standards." Which got me to thinking where that would leave Nareth Nishi (at this point, she's 100% Nebari) or Miss Paine (25% Neko), as neither of us are genuinely human. And what about Klingon avs, and Vulcan avs, and Elvish avs, and Twi'lek avs, and so on and so forth. Sure, they're all humanoid, but they aren't any more human than a humanoid raccoon or horse or skunk. In fact, from a strictly biological standpoint, the sexual deviation involved in having sex with a humanoid skunk is far, far less than that involving congress with any humanoid alien race, as humans and skunks at least share a common genetic history and, somewhere back there, a shared common ancestor. Not so with humans and Nebari, or humans and Twi'lek, or whatever. Anyway, if anyone can actually find the source of the "53% of all Second Life women are really men" thing, please let me know. You'll get a cookie or something.

Yeah, so the day isn't getting any younger, and this typescript isn't getting any less menacing, so I suppose I should wrap this up.