September 15th, 2007


Nowhere fast.

I have spent the past three days trying to write. Nothing has been written. I think what really amazes me , considering how much I write, is that this doesn't happen more often. Days like yesterday, everything seems kinder than trying to pull more words from my skull. A razor blade, an office job, a hungry jaguar...anything but the blank "page." Yesterday, I finally resorted to washing dishes and cleaning the house, because it was better than sitting here staring at the screen, waiting. It is more than frustrating, and also more than inconvenient — given all the deadlines and bills and such — it is infuriating. There's this thing I know how to do, only sometimes I just can't do it. And I never, ever know when these empty times will come.

By contrast, Spooky has been barreling through the edits to the typescript for the new edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder, Yesterday, she did "Rats Live on No Evil Star," "Salmagundi," and "In the Water Works (Birmingham, Alabama 1888)."

And here we are, somehow, at mid-September, which is when I promised producer D that I would resume work on the screenplay for "Onion."

And Joey Lafaye is due in April, and I have not even started it.

I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to submit a suggestion for Sirenia Digest #22. Last count, there were suggestions from 26 people. Some are actually very, very good. I'm still uncertain whether or not I'll be using one of them this month, but if I don't, I'll likely use one next month.

As for yesterday, other than not being able to write, it wasn't so bad. The remnants of Hurricane Humberto passed through Atlanta yesterday. The mail brought the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, which includes type descriptions for two new dinosaurs, the abelisauroid theropod Berberosaurus and the neoceratopsian Cerasinops. Byron showed up about six thirty, and we had dinner at the Vortex at L5P, then watched Doctor Who ("Blink" may well be the best episode I've seen so far). Afterwards, on a whim, the three of us went to the 9:45 p.m. screening of King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters at Midtown, and it was a blast. So, while the first half of the day was awful, the second half did a good job of making up for it.

No need for the venomous spurs, platypus. I'm coming....