July 27th, 2007


stumble into you

My thanks for the comments to yesterday's entry. I am somewhat amazed at the relief I feel over having made the decision to delay The Dinosaurs of Mars. But it's a sad sort of relief. Also, my thanks to setsuled for the the actual, factual handwritten letter (!!!) and the animé, and to David Kirkpatrick (corucia) for the copy of Philip José Farmer's Pearls from Peoria. I'm feeling a little better this afternoon, and may even leave the house for more than half an hour.

A note to Sirenia Digest subscribers: We're running a little late this month. Between my exhaustion and the fact that Vince's wife just had a baby, it might be a couple days more before #20 goes out. I just got Vince's sketch for "In the Dreamtime of Lady Resurrection," but he still has to do the inks. So sit tight. It's coming. Meanwhile, if you are not a subscriber, I might point out that one of the best times to subscribe to Sirenia Digest is any July 27th which happens to fall on a Friday.

Also, please have a look at the latest eBay auctions. Thank you.

On this day, exactly one year ago, I had the second worst day of all last year. I won't even try to recount it. If you weren't there, you can read about it in my entry for August 2nd, 2006. Mostly, I'm just happy to say that, even with this bottomless weariness and being not quite well and all, things are much, much better now, much better than I ever imagined they would be again after July 27th, 2006, which ought to teach me a thing or two or three. I don't believe in happy endings. Hell, I don't even believe in endings. But sometimes shit works itself out, and that's about the best we can reasonably hope for.