June 7th, 2007


Howard Hughes blinks at the bright, bright sunshine.

Well, there you go. The vacation is over, and likely I'll not have another of such length until...well, after I've written Joey LaFaye. Not soon. And I don't think I've felt quite this way since I last was drunk for several consecutive days (and that was a long, long, long time ago, kiddos). Not the physical pain that accompanies such binges, but all the disorientation and general not-quite-myself sensation. This is what comes of having spent about twelve hours in Second Life yesterday. My first life seems a pale, inconsequential thing. But today I come back. Today I work and make the words flow. Tonight I will be allowed three or four hours in SL, but no more (probably). Bleariness or no, I still say it's the Best Toy Ever.

However, my first dancing gig has been a lesson in Second Life economics. When you "work" for a club that keeps throwing themed events at you, so you have to keep buying new outfits, but the club isn't pulling people in so you're not getting the tips you need to buy the clothes they only want you to take off anyway...it doesn't take a mathematician to see this can only go on so long. Yesterday, I spent $750 Lindens on work, but only made $120 in tips (the most I've made in tips in a single day is about $1500). So, last night after the 9-11 p.m. shift (that's 6-8 SLT), I took a new job dancing in a club where things should go better. I hated to do it, because the proprietor of the place I've been working has been very kind to me and always I am a bear of loyalty. But I was going broke working there. And here's the thing. I actually agonized over the decision, though this might say more about my tenuous grip on "reality" than the immersiveness of SL. Anyway, I'll post details about the new place later today, for all the other Second Lifers reading this. Thanks to the folks who came out last night. I know I saw robyn_ma and her gal Owl, and the marvelous kiaduran, but I think there were others. Apologies if Nareth Nishi did not say hello. I was occupied with that frelling pole.

Here, though, there is writing to be done and the busyness of writing. Worlds that I can only explore if I make them happen. Worlds that you can only explore if I make them happen. Getting back on the horse, as they are wont to say.

Today we're going to begin our first eBay auction in just about forever. The hand-corrected copy of the Gauntlet hardback of Silk, which I meant to auction way back in March. It is filled with hundreds of corrections in my own hand, plus various scribbles, drawings, annotations, etc., and comes signed by both me and Poppy Z. Cover, end-paper, and signature sheet art by Clive Barker. Anyway, once Spooky gets the auction up and running, I shall post a link.

But, yeah. Writing. Behind the cut is most of a very long email I was sent by jtglover regarding that subject I raised a few days back, how my writing has changed and how it continues to do so (and how I sometimes find myself disturbed by this necessary part of the process):

Collapse )

Finally, my thanks to blu_muse for playing the part of my robotic sidekick in Babbage late last night (late, late, late) — the game's afoot! But now, alas, the platypus says I must start breathing again.

Postscript (2:40 p.m.) — Spooky has begun the Silk auction. I'll post more photos of the book tomorrow, here in the journal, as I'm not about to pay eBay 15¢ per photo. The photo that's up is of the title page. Also, blu_muse has posted a delightful photo-montage of our joint adventure in Babbage last night, which you may see here (it's useful to have a robotic sidekick with a built-in camera). As you can see, my Second-Life self is being played here by Nicole Kidman.

2nd Postscript (8:56 p.m.) — I am now dancing at Club insureXtion in Moolbora. Tonight, I'll be coming on at 11 p.m. (EST; 8 p.m. SLT/PST). Hope to see some of you there. The music is metal/industrial/goth.