June 2nd, 2007


worlds within worlds within worlds

I see that Tropical Storm Barry has moved out over the Okefenokee. While I doubt we'll be seeing any rain here in Atlanta, at least this should help douse the fire, so maybe the smoky days will be done with us. The rain would have been nice. Anyway, Hemingway said write about the weather, elsewise I might have proceeded directly to some other subject. like Freezepop videos on YouTube. Or the Cretaceous sauropod Astrodon. Or how I'm going to have to spend the day detoxing from all the second-hand smoke last night...but it was a good evening. We forsook Kid Night, met up with Byron at the L5P Corner Tavern, where we were joined by wolven and unknownbinaries a little later on. It was a different sort of evening for Howard Hughes, but it was quite entirely pleasant, and Spooky kept me from drinking too much, which is in her job description (somewhere). So I only told one or two embarrassing stories (sorry, Hubero). Otherwise, yesterday was mostly Second Life. Four more hours yesterday. I don't want to jinx it, but I think (through the kindness of strangers) I have a job lined up, which will allow me to begin my SL in earnest. If you slip free your first life today, look me up. Nareth Nishi. Which reminds me I should post a snapshot; maybe later today. Truthfully, this has become one of those instant obsessions of which I am so prone. Byron stuck around until three-thirty or so this a.m., getting sober, and I think it was after four when I finally got to sleep. Anyway, gotta run. It's a Day Off, except in my second life, where I hope to find work. Yeah, it's pretty perverse.