April 22nd, 2007


Oh, the shame...

setsuled wrote:

So no-one's told you about your little Ambien induced faux pas? I'm sorry, I'm still too upset to talk about it, but you owe apologies to Winston Churchill, Hugh Hefner, and the Squid Mould Women, whoever they are. Yes, gold is a valuable commodity, but for the love of the gods, not like that.

No comment.
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Yesterday, I wrote 1,215 words and finished the new "Yellow House" story for Sirenia Digest #17. But I still do not have a title that I'm happy with. The total word count came to 7,165.

The headache only slowed me down a little bit.

But I didn't leave the house yesterday.

Sometimes, like now, it feels as though I am destined for some sort of atrophy, all parts of my person not directly involved in the act of writing gradually withering away. In the end, I shall require a different sort of chair, more a cradle. Only three or four fingers are necessary, and I could likely get by with just my right index finger. The brain must remain, of course. I'm already down to one eye. With rewired digestive and endocrinal systems, I can lose everything below the mid-thoracic region. There's certainly no need for a mouth and two nostrils.

In my cradle, I will dream unlikely things, and with my shrunken hand, I will tap it all down.

Surely, I can make do with a single ear.

Last night, we finally saw Roman Polanski's The Pianist (2002), a brilliant film in every sense a film may ever be brilliant.

And today is Earth Day. As of 16:03 GMT (EST+5) Apr 22, 2007, the human population, worldwide, stands at 6,590,429,167. The population of the US stands at 301,670,353. Something like 27 wars are currently being waged. The rate of species extinction worldwide is somewhere between 100 and 1,000 times greater than normal. And today is Earth Day. And it seems to me that people are more concerned with finding "green" solutions that will permit business as usual, and continuing technological escalation, rather than drastically scaling back this runaway civilization, which is the only truly "green" solution. The only solution at all. I might as well be asking for world peace, and I know that. Humans hate. Human breed. Humans consume. Humans spoil. There are other things that humans do, and some of them are wonderful, but the global effects of these wonderful capabilities pale by comparison with all the hating, breeding, consumption, and spoilage. I do not hate humans, and I don't want to give that impression, but I see no point in denying that today, on this Earth Day, I'm rooting for the other team.