March 23rd, 2007


the only thing to fear is fearlessness

A day off, but I'm making an entry. Putting behind me a long sleep with all its uneasy, unwelcome dreams. Spooky's making me coffee, which cannot arrive soon enough. Hubero's hiding beneath the bed. Micheal's singing in my ears.

Because I would like to order a number of books from Amazon, I'm going to offer one of the Gauntlet hardbacks of Silk on eBay. Not today, but soon. But here's the thing. This copy is not in mint condition. The dustjacket has some wrinkles, maybe a small tear. It's the copy Spooky read along in while we were doing this latest edit. It's a PC from the numbered limited, of which only 450 copies were printed, long ago sold out. Art by Clive Barker. Signed by me and Poppy (docbrite). But here's the other thing. I'm going to go through with a red pen and make all the changes to this copy that were made in the Great Revision of March 2007. This is a daunting prospect and will likely require the better part of one day soon. Anyway, this is advance warning. It will be a unique item.

Late last night, I got the initial sketch for "In View of Nothing" from Vince. Subscribers should look for Sirenia Digest #16 sometime in the next week or so. Those who have not subscribed should do so. Subscribe, that is.

Another reminder that is coming down next week. Only the costuming page shall be spared. Look now, or don't.

Oh, and Spooky is obsessed with the godless $1 coins. You know, the recent frell-up that left "In God We Trust" off a whole bunch of US dollars, and then they went into circulation before anyone noticed. She has three she got from the stamp machine at the P.O. She intends to have more. Beware.

A few more comments from readers, regarding Silk, characters, "A Season of Broken Dolls," etc., but I'm putting them behind a cut so as not to dominate people's friends lists.

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These are all good and thoughtful thoughts, and I cherish them, and I thank each of the authors in question for taking the time to speak. Now, I must go and not work. Somehow.