March 22nd, 2007


Reading Silk (part five: THE END)

It is done. Today, we read chapters Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen, and the epilogue. I still have to add some to the author's note/acknowledgments and provide an updated biography, but, yeah, mostly it's done. Considering that my deadline on the was April 15th, I'm very pleased. It only took us five days. I will say that reading the book again after all these years has left me in a strange, disquieted mood. Too many memories in there, too many old revelations, too many things that I've managed not to think about for more than a decade. Bits of Birmingham before I moved away to Athens in April '94, bits of Athens afterwards, '94 and '95. Anyway, today the Zokutou page meter looks like this (which is a good thing):

Zokutou word meter
354 / 354

Tomorrow I get a day off before beginning What Comes Next. We may see The Host at Tara. We might go the the zoo. I do not yet know.

My editor at Roc, Liz, has informed me that the mmp of Murder of Angels has been released for an April 8, 2008 release. And, of course, the new Silk mmp will be out in December '07.

And I thought I'd post this again, for anyone who might have missed it: "A Season of Broken Dolls" (Sirenia Digest #15) has been reprinted in the new online version of Subterranean Magazine, and you may read it free. Which, among other things, gives non-subscribers a free opportunity to have a peek at what's going on in the Digest. Do note that the formatting has been altered for Subpress. Originally, Schuler's journal entries were written as single paragraphs, but Bill thought that would probably be a bit overwhelming online, and he's probably right. I've tried to place the graph breaks as unobtrusively as possible. Also, the story was not originally subdivided into two sections. Anyway, I'm excited about this online incarnation of the magazine, and my thanks to Subpress for the reprint. I'd love to hear some thoughts on the piece from non-subscribers and subscribers alike.

I am sooooo tired. We had a short walk, from the parking lot of Candler Park north to Ponce and back again. I found a golf ball. I'm wondering if Eragon is even good enough to bother renting the DVD. I mean, there's Jeremy Irons and John Malcovitch, so it ought to at least make halfway decent eye candy. Then again, maybe I'll just spend the evening on Wikipedia and Final Fantasy XII.