February 27th, 2007


somewhere past waking up

Sirenia Digest #15 just went out to all subscribers. I think this is a somewhat grimmer issue than the last two. My mind has been in grim places, and it shows. I would love to hear some comments.

A good walk yesterday, down Sinclair to Inman Park. We would love to live in Inman Park, Spooky and I, if only the income of a freelance author would allow such a thing. It was an unremarkable walk, which is a good thing. Back home, I put the Digest together. Thai for dinner, so I'd have another excuse to leave the house. Heroes was pretty good last night, if I strain to overlook the sloppy, as-it-suits-us way they're handling the problem of contamination from high levels of radiation. I played a couple hours of Final Fantasy XII, wandering about the Cerobi Steppe, killing dragons and leveling everyone up to 50. Later, I finished reading In the Wake of Madness, as I had only the last chapter (Thirteen, "Homecoming") to go.

Tomorrow we make for Birmingham. Byron will be watching Chi. We're boarding Hubero.

Nope. Not much of an entry. My mind is all sort of others places. And there's too much to do before we leave tomorrow. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy Sirenia Digest #15.
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