February 13th, 2007


Raven Black

So, I'm off to bed in a moment or so, off to the Motel, but I wanted to remind everyone that only 10 hours & 28 mins remain in the Raven Black auction. The auction ends at 11:16 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. That's quite early for our auctions, so I thought perhaps this reminder might be helpful to those who wish to bid.

Poor Raven Black. Somehow in the transformation he was left with neither arms nor wings. This doesn’t stop him from being a very powerful wizard, though. It makes one wonder just what he might be hiding in that exceedingly long hood of his…Especially since he doesn’t seem to need the beaded implement the other ravens carry about their waists.

About the ravens: Some say they were wizards who wanted to be ravens, others claim to know for a fact that they are actually raven wizards who tried to become human wizards. Regardless, they are an odd and mysterious lot.

Spooky and I are extremely pleased with the outcome of the Raven Red auction, as is Raven Red, who is already busy packing his grimores, phials of pickled leech and eye of newt, and scrying glass in preparation for the Journey Ahead.

Okay. Bedtime for nixars and platypus alike.

And it's "Lights up, boys."

Yesterday, I did 1,197 words on the second piece for Sirenia Digest #15 (February 2006), something homoerotic about lycanthropy, and somehow "I Only Have Eye For You" slipped into the mix. I do what the words want, and I've learned not to ask questions. Okay, that's not true...I'll never learn not to ask questions...but still, inevitably, I do what the words want. Also, I had a 4:30 p.m. (CaST) with Merrilee, my lit agent, and then a talk with Bill Schafer at subpress, which made yesterday a rather communicative day for me. Also also, a care package came from docbrite. So, it was a good day, all in all. Today, I hope to finish the new vignette and find a suitable title for it. Also, I need to tweak the Joey LaFaye proposal just a little bit more. And then I will send it away to Merrilee.

I understand that those who pre-ordered Tales from the Woeful Platypus have been receiving their orders the last few days. I've not seen the finished book yet myself, though my comp copies should be here very soon. I have been told it is a beautiful volume, a worthy successor to Frog Toes and Tentacles. If you did not pre-order, I urge you to follow the link above and pick up a copy of the trade hardback (the limited sold out months ago).

Yesterday was quite warm, all the way to 67F by 4 p.m. (CaST). We opened the windows to air the house out a bit and had a short walk through Freedom Park. I wanted a much longer walk, but there wasn't time. I still had the windows open long after dark. Spring is not so far away now, and just knowing that makes it all easier.

Last night, docbrite posted the cover of Antediluvian Tales, her forthcoming collection of short fiction, which you may now pre-order from Subterranean Press. I am so smitten with the cover that I wanted to post it here (below):

I've decided that tomorrow, which happens to be Valentine's Day, will be a Day Off. I cannot actually spare the time, especially since it has become necessary to go to Birmingham late next week, but I have spent far too much time at this keyboard during the last six weeks, and Spooky and I need some "us" time. I've never been much for Valentine's Day, and generally consider it one of the more unfortunate hand-me-downs of the Victorian Age. But. Any port in a storm. Maybe I'll even find some pink construction paper, red glitter, Elmer's glue, and macaroni, and make Spooky a proper Valentine.

Congratulations and grateful thanks to troublebox, who won the Raven Red auction last night. And I think the Raven Black auction just ended. Which leaves only Raven Green and Raven Blue, both of which end later today. Have a look. The Ravens Four are quite excited at the moment.

Right. The platypus just got out the riding crop, so...