January 3rd, 2007


a January of Awakenings

Yesterday, I did 1,529 words, which I count as none too shabby. Also, I worked on an interview for a local paper (more on this later), which I need to finish up today.

When the work was done, we drove over to Borders on Ponce de Leon, because it was January 2nd and I felt some vague duty to actually see copies of Daughter of Hounds and the mmp of Threshold in a bookshop on the day they were officially released. Borders had two copies of each, and I was disappointed to see them in the "horror" section. For a while there I was mostly finding my stuff under "fantasy and science fiction," which I would much prefer. Of course, as long as the books sell it really does not matter where they are displayed or what they're called. Anyway, Spooky took a blurry photo (behind the cut), to commemorate the occasion.

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The book has been doing decently in Amazon.com's sales rankings. It made it all the way up to 5,950 last night. If you have not yet ordered a copy, please do so. I cannot help but feel that an awful lot is riding on how Daughter of Hounds sells during its first six months. You might also consider picking up the new edition of Threshold, as it is now pocket-sized and contains far fewer mistakes than the original 2001 edition. Also, if you've already read Daughter of Hounds and liked it, please consider leaving a "review" to that effect at Amazon, because, sooner or later, some idiot's gonna hit it with a one-star review because hesheit found it too artsy or is jealous of the vast fortune I am so obviously making off my fiction.

But I have to admit that I find the cover art for Daughter of Hounds a little more ridiculous each time I look at it. Please do not blame me if you read this book and are disappointed that it's not even remotely some sort of confabulation of The Road Warrior and Underworld.

While we were at Borders, we picked up Gregory Maguire's Lost and Christopher Priest's The Prestige. Began reading the former last night. I'm not yet sure what I think. Previously, I've only read Maguire's Oz books. And so far this is a very different beast. We shall see. Certainly, I should not dislike it for not conforming to my expectations.

That's all for now. Have a day.

Tolkien's Birthday!

Today is 114th birthday of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (January 3, 1892 – September 2, 1973), philologist extraordinaire, Oxford University professor of Anglo-Saxon language, Beowulf scholar, mythologist, poet, and fantasy author. I have been in the midst of a sort of Tolkien renaissance the last few years, and tonight I will light a candle for the architect of Middle-Earth. And please remember — Robert Jordan is not his fault...

Ne minuial tôl lû
Ir tirich er-'îl gelair awarthannen
Ir in-elenath gwennin.
I 'îl thinna, i amar ú-dhartha.

(At starfade a time comes
When you see one brilliant star left behind
When the starry host has departed.
The star fades, the world does not wait.)

"Naergon an Thinnuel (a Tinw)"
"Lament for Evenstar (and the little star)"