November 28th, 2006


The Road to Awe.

I find myself rather annoyed that there's not yet a Wikipedia entry for Cephalopodmas (Dec. 22nd). I suppose that I will have to remedy this, unless someone out there beats me to it.

Yesterday was proofreading, editing, slight rewriting, that sort of a day. A lot of e-mail. Spooky and I need to begin proofreading Low Red Moon for the mmp edition. We need to begin very, very soon, as I'm supposed to have my corrections/changes in by December 15th. The new paperback will be released August 7, 2007, by the way.

I also spent some time yesterday figuring out just what will be required to produce a downloadable free e-verson (PDF) of Tales of Pain and Wonder. Short answer, quite a lot. I don't think I'll be able to get this out until sometime late in the Spring, given all my other writing obligations. What I'm thinking is that the PDF will include the original text from the Gauntlet hardback (2000), plus a second revised, corrected text. In short, two complete versions of the collection, back to back. The revised, corrected version will include lots of hypertext, end notes, etc. In fact, I was thinking I'd ask for volunteers to help out with the hypertext links. If you're interested in "adopting" a story and can handle simple HTML, speak up. First come, first served. It would speed things along, and you'll earn a spot in the acknowledgments. You may volunteer right here by claiming a story via a LJ comment. Subterranean Press has agreed to host the PDF (it will also be available on my website). I still have to speak with Richard Kirk about reprinting his artwork, and with Doug and Peter about reprinting their introduction and afterword, respectively. There will be a new author's preface, and if there's time, a new story for the revised, corrected version, possibly the "missing" Salammbô Desvernine story I never got around to writing for the original Gauntlet release.

Oh, and I spent some time working with Vince on the cover/title-page illustration for Tales from the Woeful Platypus.

Spooky spent a good deal of yesterday on photos for my website redesign. I am doing everything in my power to insure it won't look like a "horror writer's" website. I think readers will be pleasantly surprised. Or they will be indifferent. Either is fine.

I was inexplicably pleased this morning to encounter the word "discombobulated" in the description of today's Astronomy Picture of the Day (which happens to be a gorgeous shot of Galaxy NGC 1313, by the way). It's a word which I often use to describe my mental state, "discombobulated," but I hardly ever hear anyone else use it.

No Final Fantasy XII yesterday (I think I almost OD'd on Sunday), but Spooky and I did get into an argument over whether Fran was her girlfriend or my girlfriend, because we're such frelling big dorks. (Fran is my girlfriend, though. I even have the icon to prove it. I cannot help that Spooky is delusional).

The weather here is warm and will remain so at least until Thursday, when the cold returns. The park was good yesterday, except I think it made me long for some genuine wilderness. Trees that have not been planted by men. Land that has not been scaped. But, hey, I'm procrastinating, and all good gardas and nixars know that's one of the Nine Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. The platypus is eying me from the top of a bookshelf, where sheheit has been amusing herhimitself with a volume of William Blake and an action figure (Christopher Walken as the headless horseman, if you must know). So I better go. You know how sheheit gets...

Cephalopodmas Carols!

So, if like me, you're being driven slowly insane by the canned Xmas music which bombards our senses from all directions, boring its way inside of brains, infecting us with good cheer and the urge to spend, there's a cure. Why go slowly insane, when you can cut to the chase, unleash Cthulhu, and go quickly insane! The kind folks at the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, makers of that marvelous "silent" film version of The Call of Cthulhu, are now offering two CDs of carols perfectly suited to those of us who have chosen to embrace our inner cephalopod — A Very Scary Solstice and An Ever Scarier Solstice. You can even download sample songs for free. Well, one whole sample song, anyway (lyrics below).

I'll have a blue Solstice, Cthulhu.
I'll be so blue thinking what you'll do.
Sacrifices of red on the blue open sea,
Won't mean a thing until you're here with me.

Until your blue nightmares awake me,
And all my blue angels forsake me,
You'll be down in your tomb, in cyclopean gloom,
And I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Solstice.

(spoken) Oh Cthulhu, baby, c'mon up out of that tomb. I can't stop thinking about your huge flabby claws, them little wings of yours, that grotesque scaly body, and them big ol' tentacles wrapped around me. Oh darlin', I can't go on without you.

You'll be down in your tomb in cyclopean gloom,
And I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue, Solstice.

(Really. It's only November 28th, okay, and already the frelling Xmas carols have me thinking extremely antisocial thoughts...)