November 8th, 2006


Howard Hughes and the Kleenex Fairy

No writing yesterday.

Nothing much yesterday but sick, really. I do not do sick often, which is good, because I also do not do sick well.

Last night, we watched Julian Jarrold's Kinky Boots (2005), which was very funny and sweet and made me want to visit Milan. I've never given Milan much thought. Previously, I'd only seen Chiwetel Ejiofor in Serenity, I think, so his performance as Lola was a bit of a (pleasant) surprise.

Nothing else much. Mostly, I'm just trying to breathe. And so, I think that I shall now repost the eBay announcement from yesterday and go the frell back to bed...

So, after two wonderful months away from the increasingly annoying world of eBay, we're back with a pair of special auctions. The first is an authorized auction of one of the advance-reading copies of Daughter of Hounds. The second is for a copy of the previously unannounced lettered state of Alabaster, which is being auctioned with Spooky's latest doll — the green-haired boy who brings Dancy the bottle in "Les Fleurs Empoisonnées — and a copy of the "Highway 97" chapbook. All books come signed and can be personalized at the buyers request. The doll comes with Spooky's maker mark plus my initials.

I do not expect to be able to offer another copy of the Daughter of Hounds ARC, and obviously the Alabaster auction is a one-of-a-kind affair.

The lettered state of Alabaster was never offered (or even mentioned) by Subterranean Press, and the 26 copies, A-Z, were split between me and subpress. I got N-Z (thank you, Bill), and I'm keeping Z for myself, which means the winning bidder gets to choose from N-Y.

Here are the links:

Daughter of Hounds ARC

Alabaster lettered with doll and chapbook