August 5th, 2006


But I can't help the feeling...

Rather than another travelogue, this morning I shall quickly write the more regular sort of entry, as we were in all day yesterday and the weather's cooler and we long to be out of doors. I'll get to the Watch Hill entry later, maybe late tonight, maybe tomorrow. This getting behind thing is a bitch.

Bill Schafer at subpress has informed me that only 25 copies of the limited edition of Alabaster now remain, so if you mean to order it, you may wish to do so very soon. The limited is signed by me and Ted and comes with an extra Dancy story, "Highway 95," in the form of a chapbook.

One hundred years ago today, director John Huston was born (he died in 1987).

I've got to look at the settings on the iBook. For some reason, it's importing photos from the camera at 72 dpi instead of 300 dpi, and I'm not happy with the resolution of the images I posted yesterday.

You should have a look at the new chapter of The Adventures of Boshen and Nesuko, as sovay, robyn_ma, and I appear in supporting roles (as Sept whores, no less).

Last night, we watched Terrence Malick's breathtaking The New World (2005). I've been a great admirer of Malick since The Thin Red Line (1998). Well, actually, I've been a great admirer of his since Days in Heaven (1978), but only recently realized he directed that film. The New World is a beauty and a delight, sheer visual poetry. Malick's ability to tell terrible stories and imbue them with such beauty amazes me. In this case, the story of Pocahontas (played by Q'Orianka Kilcher) and her love for John Smith (Colin Farrell) and John Rolfe (Christian Bale). The cinematography is perfection, seeming almost to weave motion from still photography, and the screenplay (by Malick), which layers spoken dialogue and internal monologues is also very, very fine. See it. Malick is surely one of the most under appreciated directors of our time. I'm very sorry that I missed The New World in theatres.

Right. Time to get dressed and have a few little adventures...

Oh, wait. Once again, here are the links to order the mmp of Threshold and the tpb of Daughter of Hounds from Your preorders will be greatly appreciated.