July 5th, 2006

chi (intimate distance)

Seno Akta Gamat

The words came back to me yesterday. I did 1,119 words on a piece that I'm presently calling "The Cryomancer's Daughter," intended for Sirenia Digest 8 (July '06). So, in this respect, yesterday was a good day. It was the first day I'd been able to write fiction since June 4th.

I also have to look over the Alabaster galleys again today and sign off on them. The book is looking gorgeous.

Last night, as we were eating dinner, a terrific thunderstorm began. I'd been watching the sky on and off all day, watching as the thunderheads grew taller and taller over the city. The storm was wonderful, preceded by a violent wind and lightning. The rain began at 8:50 and continued for about an hour. We need it here very badly. Also, yesterday was another bad air day, an "orange day," and my throat and lungs and sinuses were feeling it. Hopefully, the rain cleaned some of the filth from the Atlantian air. We'd had some vague notion of wandering over to Freedom Park last night to watch the fireworks over downtown, that strange American reenactment of the War of 1812. But it was still pouring rain at 9:30, when the fireworks were scheduled to begin, so we stayed home and stayed dry.

I made a huge pitcher of fresh limeade yesterday.

Last night, we watched Milla Jovovich in Kurt Wimmer's Ultraviolet. It's certainly a visually stunning film, and makes for fine enough eye candy, but I couldn't help but want something more from it. Like a script. The fight scenes were generally well choreographed, and the climactic fight at the end, Violet and Daxus with flaming katanas, was especially nice. Very good soundtrack. So, yeah, if you're willing to switch your brain off for 90 minutes of so and just take in the images, go for it. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything else with the precise visual style of Ultraviolet, a very specific look and feel I believe was essentially invented for it. But I do wish someone would give Milla an sf film equal to 1997's The Fifth Element. I'm appalled that she's agreed to do a third Resident Evil film. Then again, working artists must work.

As I write this, we have 10 hours and 43 minutes remaining in the Snapdragon auction. This is your opportunity to own a bit of the genesis of Joey LaFaye, as this doll has formed the basis for one the book's central characters. Of course, Spooky's dolls rock my socks and Snapdragon is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship above and beyond her role in my next novel. And there are other auctions ongoing. Have a look. Bid if you'd like.

And now it's time to write.