July 4th, 2006


All the world's a metaphor, and we've gone and mixed it beyond recall.

Trying to jog my brain into wakefulness, I was just reading this article, "Your Space, Not Theirs" at Pacifist Guerilla. It informs me that I am a "cult figure" (as is Jeff VanderMeer), though Cory Doctorow and Neil are "big hitters." And yes, I suppose this is true. It's just an odd thing to read when one is not yet awake and one's eyes will not quite focus properly.

The anniversary actually went very well, which was a good thing as we'd had three Very Violently Bad Days here at Casa des Kiernan y Pollnac. I spent much of the day trying to catch up on e-mail. Spooky had me sign a bunch of eBay books (including the first copy of La Soglia I've ever signed to anyone), and then she packed them up and schlepped them through the heat to the p.o., where there was a long line.

But we escaped the house about five p.m. and proceeded to do everything we wanted, which was nothing much in particular. Spooky even let me take out the silly hazel-green contacts and have Nar'eth eyes all evening. First, we stopped at a yard sale on McClendon, a yard sale with quite a few cool things, including lots of old hippie vinyl and clothes we might have looked at more closely if not for the lingering heat. In amongst the junk, I spotted at a paperback copy of Updike's Run, Rabbit and felt an odd pang for abandoned books. We were good and bought not a thing. We stopped by Whole Foods for something cool to drink. We also stopped by both Charis Books (feminist/queer/pagan) and OutWrite Books (all purpose queer), but were good and, once again, bought nothing. We had a really marvelous early dinner at Nickiemoto's, which serves the best sushi I've ever had anywhere. We sat at the sushi bar, because there's a drag show on Monday night and we hadn't reserved a table. I had the Volcano Roll and Spooky got the Nickiemoto Roll. Both were delicious. Then we left Midtown and drove up Piedmont to Oxford Comics to drool at toys and action figures. Not wishing to ruin the evening's theme, we were good and bought nothing. The dork working the register and some other dork were loudly and with grandiose obnoxiousness proclaiming the evils and missteps of Superman Returns, which quickly drove us back out into the muggy night. And really, that was it. A very nice little 4th anniversary, all in all, and we have no complaints (comic-shop dorks aside). Oh, and we also met Fluffy the truck, but you'll see that in the photos (behind the cut):

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Back home, we watched more Twilight Zone: "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?," "Kick the Can," "The Odyssey of Flight 33," "A Drink from a Certain Fountain," and "From Agnes — With Love."

Though I've not actually read the piece that Harper Lee wrote for the July '06 issue of O Magazine (shudder), I have seen this quote, which I adore immensely: "Now, 75 years later in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books."

Still no sign of the Daughter of Hounds CEM, by the way. I suspect gremlins are involved in its delay.

Okay. I mean to write today, so I'm cutting this "short." The rest can wait. But please have a look at the eBay auctions, a few of which end today. Look in on poor Snapdragon. Late last night, Sweet William and Ignatius, along with a few of the roustabouts and freaks, tried to have a going-away party for her, but it was a hushed and solemn affair, as there was much fear of the Barker overhearing and getting suspicious.

Not so much an addendum as a continuation.

Spooky's posted some "in progress" photos of the Barker in her LJ. I am eagerly awaiting his completion, though Iggy and Sweet William understandably do not share in my enthusiasm.

Yesterday evening, looking again at the considerable expense of traveling to Rhode Island by either train or plane, we finally chose automobile. Even with the work that the car will likely require before the trip, it's still going to cost us much less than two round-trip tickets to Providence. Sure, it's a longish road trip, but we've both done it repeatedly in the past. So, there you go. I shall very much miss the train, but this makes everything much easier. It also means I don't have to worry about raising quite so much money via eBay to offset the expenses of the trip. And it leaves more money to spend on the important things, like Del's Lemonade. We sat up until three-thirty this morning, looking at the road atlas, plotting our route, too excited to sleep.

I've noted, belatedly, that there's now an active, ongoing discussion of To Charles Fort, With Love taking place over at species_of_one, which is cool. I do hope more people will take part. There have been some interesting observations. Check it out.

As it turns out, sovay and I will be collaborating on a vignette for Sirenia Digest 9 (August '06), the sf piece that she'd originally planned to write solo. It'll be interesting, as I've not collaborated with anyone since Poppy and I wrote "Night Story 1973" in 2001, and I'm looking forward to it.

All day, I've been wondering how long it will be before the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky turns up on Wikipedia...