June 20th, 2006


I walked that path a hundred ninety.

I think that eBay Blogs must be the very sincerest definition of lame.

I mean, really.

eBay Blogs.


In the chaos of the last couple of weeks, the last month, I never commented on the discovery of evidence of a gigantic bolide impact in Antarctica. Perhaps a crater, 500 kilometers (300 miles) across, and perhaps another clue to the causes of the Permian-Triassic mass extinction event (which made the end Cretaceous extinctions look like no more than a bad head cold). If the Wilkes Land mascon is the result of an impact, the meteor may have been 50 kilometers wide (30 miles). Just the sort of space rock the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky has in mind, of course. No mere Tunguska firecracker, this one. What a fireworks show there must have been, 251 million years ago.

Spooky's become smitten with ditl, or "A Day in the Life." It is a rather oddly addictive phenomenon (though, in truth, I'm much more the exhibitionist than the voyeur). You can see her latest ditl entry here. I'm even in there somewhere.

I think it's time to brush my teeth and crawl away to bed. Perhaps I'll dream of fire from the sky and the glories of the humanless Neozoic Era...

They were elves once.

How can a day go crappy when it begins with Spooky making me waffles for breakfast? Waffles with honey and butter (well, something that sort of looks like butter). It can't, say's I! This will be a good day. I shall see to it. Oh, and Jada sent me a beach rock from her and Katharine's recent trip to Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands), and I love beach rocks as much as waffles, so there you go.

I'm sorry. I do hope all this cheer isn't frightening anyone unduly. It'll pass, I'm sure.

Yesterday was surely a better day than the day before and perhaps a better day than it had any right to be. I was peculiarly outgoing. There was phone-tag with Neil, which finally ended in an actual conversation. I spoke with my agent early in the day. We're going to try to sell a mass-market edition of To Charles Fort, With Love. Chances are slim, of course, because NYC publishers fear short fiction, even collections with starred reviews in PW, but chances are slimmer if we don't try. I exchanged e-mail with Vince, working on his new illustration for Sirenia Digest #7. There was also e-mailing with sovay and extatika (the latter re: lemurs and Wicca and Starhawk's role in the unsightly proliferation of fluffy-bunny paganism). Late last night, I wrote a Very Long E-Mail to Poppy. So, yeah, I get a little silver star beside my name for actually talking to people yesterday.

Also, I did the third illustration for "Night." Today will likely be consumed with getting Sirenia Digest #7 ready to be mailed out (hopefully by tonight or tomorrow morning). And anyone who subscribes today gets a free copy of the trade paperback of Silk, because that's just the sort of nixar I am. Just click here.

Last night, there was a passable red wine with dinner, then a longer walk than is usual, then I finished reading the first part of Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen, "Dradin, in Love."

Tomorrow is Midsummer. I'm not sure precisely how Spooky and I will observe it. Something appropriate. Something fitting.

Talking to Merrillee yesterday, she urged me to begin Joey LaFaye, the actual writing of it. I'm just not sure it's ready to be started. Oh, and she also chided me for not telling my editor at Penguin that I had mixed feelings about the cover of Daughter of Hounds. But I explained it's not that I actually dislike the cover, just that it's not what I'd expected. Merrillee and I agree it's the sort of cover that will sell lots of books, and, for the moment, that's what matters.

Okay. Gotta go poke the platypus. Please have a look at the eBay auctions. A few end tomorrow. So far, we've probably raised enough to cover the repairs to Spooky's iBook and perhaps Sophie's cremation, but there are still the train tickets to Rhode Island. So, yes, please bid. I will write nice things in the books you buy, but first you have to buy them.

Addendum: Sirenia update

So, first the Good News: the June issue of Sirenia Digest will be exactly twice as long as the May issue. Thirty-four pages, 15,841 words. So, I'm pretty sure that this month I'm giving readers their money's worth.

Now the Bad News: I underestimated the time that Vince would need to do his illustration, and I'm thinking now that #7 will be mailed out Thursday morning, instead of this evening. But that's really not so bad. Savour the anticipation, yes?

Also, don't forget that anyone who subscribes to Sirenia Digest before midnight tonight (EST) will receive a FREE signed copy of the Roc trade paperback of Silk. Complete with a little spider drawing by my own hand. For yourself or some unsuspecting friend. All you have to do is click here, read the FAQ, and sign up. Easy as pie and chips.

Meanwhile, please note that, in its infinite wisdom, the Pentagon has listed homosexuality as a psychological disorder. You know, just like schizophrenia and mental retardation and Republicanism. Frell 'em, I say. The fewer queers die in Bush's war, the more of us there will be to overthrow heterosexual society and install, in its stead, a newer world order founded on sodomy, lesbianism, and the almighty gender fuck. The Pentagon will make a great drag bar...