June 4th, 2006


Over and over again, more and more for the pain...

The words came back yesterday. I did 1,058 words on "The Black Alphabet." That would be T-V. With luck, I'll finish it today. Then it'll be time to figure out what the next Sirenia Digest vignette will be. Perhaps it will feature Paris Hilton and a big pink house and a few thousand hungry mutant leeches. Hmmm. Anyway, I also have an alarming number of things that I need to get done for subpress, some of which are things that should have been done weeks ago. Illustrations for "Night" (to appear in a future issue of Subterranean magazine), a cover for the "Highway 97" chapbook, & etc. Oh, and the galleys for "Highway 97" arrived yesterday and need proofing. Meanwhile, the CEM for Daughter of Hounds should be falling on my head any damn day now.


My thanks to Chris Seggerman (elmocho) for putting me wise to The Platypus of Doom and Other Nihilists (behind the cut). Now, I must track that book down.

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My platypus says that itshehe isn't a nihilist, only a keen observer of the inevitable.

Yesterday, Spooky discovered Swedish Fish AquaLife, which includes not only the usual fish, but blue raspberry dolphins, grape pufferfish, lemon starfish, and orange sea horses. This made for the perfect unhealthy snack while we spent the evening watching all four episodes of Dr. Who: The Horror of Fang Rock (1977). Oh, and I've been at the Wikipedia again the past couple of days. An article on the Patagonian theropod Quilmesaurus, as well as work on a number of other articles — Ichthyornis, Plioplatecarpinae, Claosaurus, & etc. It helps to pass the time.

Meanwhile, President Asshole has called for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The last time I checked on his approval rating, back in May, it was scraping bottom at 31%, with a 65% disapproval rating. I don't know what it's at now, but I suppose he thinks that picking on queers can't hurt. Wasn't the object of the Constitution to make us more free, not allow fascist Xtian bigots to make us less so? Nar'eth says the lot of them can kiss her big grey dyke ass. I'm inclined to agree. Wasn't stealing the 2004 election enough for these sorry sons of bitches? Just checking.

Now, W is for...