May 8th, 2006


An Actual Worm

I'm going to be brief, as today is, as announced, a day off. The first since the 26th of April, and Spooky will yell at me if I waste an hour of it on a journal entry.

Were I a weather forecaster in Atlanta, this morning I'd be hanging my head in shame. It looks like a bad day in Dublin out there, when we were told in would be sunny and warm today. They're still claiming we'll see a high of 77F, but I have my doubts, as it's currently only 59F. The clouds are supposed to hang around. It makes me want to go back to bed, which I suppose I could do.

The last American survivor of the sinking of the Titanic has died at age 99.

Yesterday, we made it through the second half of Daughter of Hounds, pages 320-621. And, realizing just how much perspective I've lost and not wanting to edit this poor book to death and being quite sick of it at this point (no reflection on the book, mind you) and having so many other things I need to get back to or get started...I made a decision. A decision which became a sort of schedule. Today, I'm off. Tomorrow, I begin the third pass through the ms. I finish it on Wednesday. On Thursday, I deal with notes that were made on the first draft copy back in February and March, but which were never addressed. Friday, I take care of all the problems I've listed in my notebook during the last two read-throughs. And then, though it will only be the 12th, I'm stepping away from the book and calling it finished. Monday, May 15th, I'll e-mail it to my editor.

At some point yesterday, I discovered that I'd not capitalized mylar, which, of course is a registered trademark. Since 1952. And I knew that if I didn't capitalize it, the copy editor would only come along and do it for me. In "old days," this would have been followed by me uncorrecting the correction and getting in a tiff over the whole thing with my editor. It's happened plenty enough times before, with dumpster, realtor, laundromat, styrofoam, and about a hundred other words, it seems. All of them look dumb as hell when capitalized in the text of a novel, but my publisher fears the threats of lawyers far more than just about anything else on Earth. Anyway, I went ahead and capitalized Mylar, to save myself the grief. I do apologize. At least we haven't yet reached the point where I must write it as Mylar®, though I suspect that day is just around the corner.

The website's been offline for over a month now, and it's starting to make me nervous. That's one of the things I have to get to as soon as DoH is out of here. A redesigned website. One that doesn't make me frelling cringe.

Okay. Yes. It's a day off. So, please have a look at the eBay auctions. Bid, if you are so disposed. If you're not, bid anyway. Now, where are my noodles...

Postscript: Speaking of the dreaded ®, "Apple Computer Inc. is entitled to use the apple logo on its iTunes Music Store, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a suit filed by Apple Corps Ltd., the guardian of The Beatles' commercial interests." Full story here. Go Apple.

SF Casting Game

So, in the spirit of faustfatale's recent "Noir Casting Game", I offer the science-fiction film casting game. It's going to be entirely surreal cyberpunk affair set in an alternate history post-WWII Berlin, after the earth has been ravaged by alien-Nazi nanotech. I will be played by Tilda Swinton.

Now. Who will play you? Also, feel free to suggest a director, screenwriter, etc. And yes, days off often lead to boredom and peculiar games.