April 18th, 2006


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nuclear Fission and Other Bad Ideas

Sirenia Digest #5 ought to go out this evening, early tomorrow afternoon the latest. The filing of taxes, and other aforementioned and alluded to work-related inconveniences, are the primary culprit in it's not having gone out yesterday or at some point this past weekend. Life plays havoc with schedules.

There's little to be said for or about yesterday. I waited on expected communications which never came and have still not arrived this morning. I finished with the prolegomena for #6. Finally, about 5 p.m., too annoyed and frustrated to sit here any longer, I grabbed my binoculars and Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds (4 ed.) and Spooky and I headed for Piedmont Park and Lake Clara Meer. I figured I could salvage something of the day. But. No. This is Atlanta. And so we could not find a parking space, so we could only drive hopelessly about, cursing Atlanta's dearth of decent mass transit. Atlanta is the sort of city that looks at a problem like this, that one must use cars to reach one of our largest greenspaces, and decides not that here's another good argument for providing better mass transit, but, instead, that a portion of Piedmont Park should be sacrificed to a gigantic parking deck. I kid you not.

It occurs to me that I'm not really in the mood for journalizing this morning.

Maybe I should stop now and make another entry later in the day. The only other thing I had in mind to mention was that we watched James Cameron's Titanic last night. I'd not seen it but the once in a theatre, and Spooky had never seen it at all. I still think the whole present-day frame needs to go, and I still cannot abide Bill Paxton, but I think that I was better able to appreciate the movie this time. When it was released in 1997, I was still in the throws of my peculiar Victorian/Edwardian Reconstructionism thing and found Rose utterably insufferable. This time, I understood the character, cared for her, and was able to respond to the film as something more than a beautiful (if flawed) eulogy to Edwardianism. I suppose this means I'm making progress. One can always hope.

Addendum: New Dolls & Dancy Update/Question

At least something wonderful has emerged from this evil maelstrom of a day. Spooky came home with the new Dresden Dolls, Yes, Virginia. It is exquisite. And I was very pleased to see new recordings of "Mrs. O." and "Sex Changes," both of which originally appeared of the first Dresden Dolls CD, A is for Accident. We'd already downloaded most of the album, and had the free promo EP, but I try to eventually buy whatever I steal off the internet, and as Amanda reminds us, the first week sales figures are the most important. Same dren with books. Anyway, I'm obsessed with "Sex Changes" all over again, but presently have too much to do to indulge in a dissection of the lyrics. I shall settle for quoting my favourite lines:

boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be boys
will be boys will be girls with no warning
girls will be girls will be guys will be boys that don't cry
over toys that they use to beat girls they despise by the morning...

Also, Bill Schafer at subpress and I have both received a lot of inquiries regarding the long sold-out limited edition of Alabaster. So, Bill's thinking about extending the print run by an extra one hundred copies. And he thought I should ask here how people feel about that before we go ahead and do the deed. You should know this, it means I get a little more money from the book. Also, subpress would allow people who have already ordered the trade edition to upgrade their order to the limited. The limited will include the Dancy vignette chapbook, of course. So, yes, if you have any thoughts, pro or con, please, please comment here.