March 26th, 2006


Missing Dick Head, the President has not been misplaced. More's the pity. However, as those sad few of you who, like me, still have a subscription to Wired may already know, a robotic head of Philip K. Dick has gone missing. What's that? You got smart and canceled your script to Wired in 1997? No problem. Just click here. Missing. Dick. Head. *snork*

All alone at the '64 World's Fair.

Some vital part of my brain hasn't yet awakened, though I've been "awake" well over an hour. So, we shall see how this goes. We always do.

Despite being a bitterly cold day (for late March in Atlanta), and the fact that my mood was scraping bottom almost the whole time, yesterday really wasn't too bad. I scrapped "Glove" and started over. The new incarnation of the selkie vignette (which might actually be more like a short short story) is called "For One Who Has Lost Herself" and is set in Manhattan instead of Massachusetts. I did 1,243 words yesterday, which comes to 6 pages. Spooky likes it a lot. Me, I don't yet know. It's very different. I worked on it until 5 p.m. or so, then did two Wikipedia entries, for the ankylosaurs Texasetes (likely a synonym of Pawpawsaurus) and Animantarx. I didn't leave the apartment all day, and I don't do that very often anymore. But the temp barely reached 50F, and I just wasn't up to the chill.

Last night, I somehow got sucked into watching bad sf/horror films on the skiffy channel. First, there was this perfectly abominable thing with William Forsythe called Larva. One of those dreadful skiffy channel "originals." Mutated liver flukes or something of the sort. Someday, someone will write a book on all these Z-grade films that Bonnie Hammer has visited upon the world. Or they won't, which would really be for the best. Afterwards, there was a Tobe Hooper film called Mortuary. It might actually have been fairly decent, if not for the pan and scan, the bleeped-out profanity, the fuzzed-out nudity and obscene gestures, the lousy CGI, and the last 30 seconds, which reeked of having been tacked on in the eleventh hour to satisfy the producers. I don't know this film's history. But I suspect it was picked up by skiffy when it failed to find a distributor. Something like that. There was a little bit of "The Shunned House," a little bit of "The Colour Out of Space," some of the eighties horror spoof vibe, some very funny lines. I fear I rather enjoyed it up until those last thirty seconds, even with all the commercials and bleeping and fuzzing out. Perhaps I'll see it again on DVD, if it finds it way onto DVD.

Later still, Spooky finished reading me "The Colour Out of Space." She spent most of yesterday working on the new doll, Ignatius. He's a stunning shade of violet, a fact which, in his youth, led to much taunting and consternation and gender confusion, accounting, in part, for his foul disposition. I think she'll be finishing him up this afternoon.

Anything else? Oh, yeah. New Boschen and Nesuko. Also, only four days and eight hours remain in the Alabaster ARC auction. remember, this is the only copy of the ARC I'll be putting up for auction. And there are the other auctions. Okay. I'm gonna go try to wake up...