March 13th, 2006


the day after the day after day before yesterday (I think)

I caved in to pills last night and got almost eight full hours sleep. There were bright dreams, filled with ominous events, but now they've faded down to the merest impressions of memory. But at least I'm more awake. The sky is grey today, but it's still warm here. We went over 80F yesterday and are supposed to reach 80 again this afternoon. Last night was so marvelously warm, I worked at my desk with the office window open long after midnight. We have a slight cool down coming, highs in the 60s, lows in the 30s, but it won't last long. Winter here is dead, and these will only be death throes. Hemingway said to write about the weather, and so I do.

Yesterday. What did I do yesterday. I know that a question mark would be orthodox at the end of that last sentence, but, having typed it that way, it didn't look much like what I was thinking, so screw it. I shall be the punctuation anarchist. Too much Limbo yesterday, but there was a good walk, and later I stumbled across an idea for a vignette that I'll try to begin today. It will be a quiet and simple thing about a girl with a small bit of a tail, a slightly autobiographical tale of a tail, and more I will not now say. Also, I reloaded just about everything by The Decemberists onto my iPod. I did Wikipedia entries for the ankylosaur Tsagantegia, and then, after dinner, I did another on the Palaeozoic Museum, the great Victorian shrine to paleontology that never was. I have long had a serious obsession with Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins. In October '97, I was able to see the Crystal Palace dinosaurs in Sydenham. Yesterday. What else. Oh, we watched the new episode of The Sopranos. A superb use of William Burroughs. That was the best of yesterday, that and the many thoughtful comments to yesterday's LJ entry. Unfortunately, I haven't had time (or maybe it's energy I'm lacking) to answer every question asked.

Also, yesterday was the first day I mirrored this journal at I'm not yet entirely sure what I think of On the one hand, the flashing, garish ads drive me mad. The system is poorly designed and sluggish. And I hardly see the need for me to be involved in yet another online thingy. There's something oddly meat-marketish about the place, and in an distinctly heterocentric way. And yet...there are some cool things, too. So I'll probably stick around. It has seduced me with forms to fill out and mail to answer and invitations to join groups and such. Here's the link to my page. If you'd like to be added to my friends list, just ask. I suppose myspace is the new pink, and LJ is now the old pink (pink being the new black and all), or something else altogether is the new pink. I never seem to be on time. Anyway, yes, you may now read this journal at LJ or Blogger or MySpace. And there's also the plog thing over at Amazon, but it doesn't yet seem to be amounting to very much.

Here's something wondrous, and my thanks to jacobluest for the link. A Google map of Mars, in visible and infrared light and by elevation. Beautiful and very useful, as well. And as if that's not drad enough, I should also thank jacobluest for the link to this virtual fly-over of Mariner Valley (you'll need the latest version of Flash).

And as long as I'm going on about marvelous things, let me refer you to this: Z Machine Sets Unexpected Earth Temperature Record, courtesy apod. A temperature in excess of two billion Kelvin. What do you say to a thing like that? Well, I'd say I hope the DOD isn't looking, but of course they are. Oh, and since I've been picking on headlines, I'll add that "Z Machine Unexpectedly Sets Earth Temperature Record" might have been a better choice.

We're going to try to get eBay up and running again this evening. There's the "pick your own letter" Frog Toes and Tentacles auction yet to start, plus copies of The Five of Cups, Silk, The Dry Salvages, chapbooks, and who know what else. Also, an inebriated lawn gnome told me yesterday that March 13th, if it happens to fall upon a Monday, is a sublime day on which to subscribe to Sirenia Digest. No, I don't usually talk to lawn gnomes, who are surely the most common of all fairie folk, but this one was rather noisy and I feared he'd attract attention if I didn't respond. Anyway, yes, weird and fantastic erotica and other fictions every thirty or so days for a mere ten dollars per month. This month, you get a vignette and a sneak preview of Alabaster complete with a Ted Naifeh illustration. For the price of a pizza, I'll frell with your head...or whatever. So, come on, kiddos. What are you waiting for? Drink me, already!

Postscript: Spooky just said, "There are dust bunnies falling from the sky," which I take to be her not so subtle way of telling me that the fan in my office needs dusting.