March 2nd, 2006


once and for all and all for once

Having had a somewhat heavier breakfast than my usual bowl of ramen, I'm sitting here, weighted down like a sheaf of papers beneath a stone. Outside my window there are clouds, but Spooky says it's still very warm. I know she's telling the truth, because the office isn't an icebox. And I'm thinking, Keep it short. I have to begin the new vignette today, so keep it short. I'll try. No, this isn't going to be the chocolate vignette. That one still hasn't come together in my head. I have flickers now and then, but nothing solid enough to make a beginning from. This new vignette is the Dracula vignette, and more I will not say.

The weather was so wonderful yesterday, and Spooky made me get out of the house before I became too fixed to the iBook. We walked to Freedom Park, all the way over to Euclid. There were kites and a remote-controlled airplane. The sun was almost uncomfortably warm, and I was glad I hadn't bothered to bring along a sweater. Tank-top weather is my friend. Just before we left the house, I snapped this photo of a squirrel intent upon devouring a hapless acorn in the tree beside our porch:

Hopefully, we'll get another good walk in this afternoon. The winter did nothing good for my body, and I'm eager for the exercise.

In case you missed the entry last night, Charlie Porter is the winner of February's Sirenia Digest Monster Doodle Sculpture drawing, and you can see photos of the beast he shall receive merely by clicking here. Also, I want to remind everyone that the account is no more and all hate mail, offers of matrimony or sedition, e-mail from long lost Siamese twins, and pornographic spam should be sent, instead, to greygirlbeast @ gmail (dot) com. Yeah, I'm finally getting wise to trying to foil the frelling bots, finally. Else what's the red pill for?

Have I mentioned just how much I'm digging Nightwish these days? We'll, I am.

Only one week of the second season Project Runway remaining. I'm more in lust with Santino Rice than ever. I've thought of getting all fangirl and sending him a book. And it was nice to have Nick and Diana and Andre back, if only in the capacity of assistants. I fear that I fear for Daniel V., who, until last night, I had no doubt would win this thing. But...anyway...I wrote another Wikipedia entry yesterday, this one on the newly described oviraptorosaurid Hagryphus giganteus from Utah, and I'm thinking I'll do one this evening on the new tyrannosauroid, Gaunlong wucaii. I also read more of the Tendaguru book, which I've almost finished. Houellebecq's book on Lovecraft is next on my list. Before sleep, Spooky helped me with the Ogham for an hour or so. There were nightmares, but nothing to take your breath away.

Okay. I have an appointment with the green lady...